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As trail runners in and around the ROC we felt it was our duty,…no our PRIVILEGE, to let you know of quite possibly one of the coolest things to be going on this spring/summer in the Rochester Area. This year the folks over at Medved have put together an “Endurance Project”. The plan is to run the length of the Finger Lakes Trail, 560 miles on various weekends throughout this time. As an added bonus, participants will also be treated to a run and presentation by Ultrarunner Krissy Moehl. I signed up for it, because for the cost of $65 (which also gets you access into the Medved Madness 15 mile trail race in May) it simply is an experience to remarkable to pass up. The first meeting is April 5th at 6pm at Medved.

You can find out more information on the project by visiting this link.

About the Finger Lakes Trail:

 The Finger Lakes Trail System includes the main Finger Lakes Trail (FLT) from the Pennsylvania-New York border in Allegany State Park to the Long Path in the Catskill Forest Preserve. The main FLT is 558 miles long. There are six branch trails and 29 loop trails and spur trails that extend from the main FLT. These branch, loop and spur trails currently total 400 miles. Including the Main Trail and all branch, loop, and side trails, the Finger Lakes Trail System offers 958 miles of hiking.

-source: FLT Conference

About Krissy Moehl

Twitter: @krissymoehl


December 3, 2011 The North Face 50 mile Endurance Championships, 4th female 7:47
July 30, 2011 White River 50 mile, Crystal Mountain, WA, 2nd female, 8:35
June 11, 2011 San Diego 100, Camp Al Bahr, California, 1st female, 6th overall, 19:41:13!! (CR)
September 2010 – Shinetsu Five Mountains 110km, Madaro, Japan: 1st female, 14th overall. 13:31
August 2010 – Transrockies Stage Race, Buena Vista to Beaver Creek:
Vasque team with Bryan Dayton.  1st open mixed
April 2010 – Mad City 100 km, Madison, WI: 4th female, 11th overall. 8:33:55 (qualifying time for World 100k team
August 2009 – Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc, Chamonix, France: 1st female, 11th overall. 24:56:01 (current CR)
June 2009 – Western States 100 mile, Auburn, CA: 2nd female, 13th overall. 19:26:02
July 2007 – Hardrock 100, Silverton, CO: 1st female, 3rd overall. 29:24:45
January 2007 – HURT 100, Oahu, HI: 1st female, tied for 2nd overall. 26:15
August 2006 – Where’s Waldo 100 km, Corvalis, OR: 1st female, 1st overall. 11:18
2005 – Grand Slam – youngest female and second fastest to complete the series
2004 – Wasatch 100, Kaysville, UT: 1st female, 7th overall. 23:49:47


January 2010 – Ultrarunning Magazine Ultrarunner of the Year, ranked 3rd female
January 2010 – – Ultra Performance of the year, ranked 1st female (UTMB 2009)

-source: Krissy Moehl Blog