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Are you looking to run some trails races this year for a great price?

On April 18th we kick off the Fleet Fleet Dirt Cheap Trail Race Series for the 2012 trail season. Yellow Jacket Racing produces a series of 6 evening trail races on local area trails. The Dirt Cheap series offers a challenge to the most experienced trail runner while at the same time offering a course and atmosphere that even a novice will be able to appreciate.

The trails we will run are at Mendon Ponds, Webster Park and Lucien Morin Park (formerly known as the Ellison Wet lands). Each course will be run two times, the second time the course is run, event producers have you running in the opposite direction so no two races will ever be the same.
Each course will cover anywhere between 4 and 6 miles in which you will most assuredly climb some hills, run through some mud, jump over logs, and take in the beautiful scenery that the trails of Rochester, NY offer.
Boots, the President of Fleet Feet and Yellow Jacket Racing answered the following questions for us about the Fleet Feet Dirt Cheap Series (FFSDCTRS)

1. What motivation did you have to start the Dirt Cheap series? 

The FFSDCTRS was started for a few reasons

1. The Economy was starting to go bad and we wanted to be able to offer lower price options for races

2. We wanted to get more people to get out on the trails and give trail running a chance without having to do a long race

 2. What can someone expect when they run one of your courses?

For the FFSDCTRS courses each course will feel longer then it is as we like to throw in hills, single track, mud, turns and anything else that looks interesting. The idea is to challenge yourself in a fun way

 3. What if I am a newer runner and nervous about running on trails?

Start on some easy ones, even the greenway and gradually build up to tougher trails. And when in doubt about your ability to tackle a trail, walk it.

Great advice from Boots right there – They seem to be promoting the same “get out on the trails” attitude that we stand for.
All races are on Wednesday Evenings. All are run at 6:30pm with the exception of the final event which is run at 6:00pm.
The dates and locations are as follows;
  • April 18th Mendon 6:30 pm
  • May 16th Webster 6:30 pm
  • June 13th Lucien Morin Park 6:30 pm
  • July 18th Mendon 6:30 pm
  • August 15th Webster 6:30 pm
  • September 12th Lucien Morin Park 6:00 pm
The best part of this race series is right in the name though. Dirt Cheap. You get 6 races for 50 dollars or just 12 dollars per race for individual races. If you register for the series you will also earn a Dirt Cheap shirt.
Trail running offers a unique atmosphere. The Dirt Cheap series is a perfect example of this community and how inclusive trail runners are. Yellow Jacket Racing will provide snacks after each race for runners, but you will also be surrounded by folks covered in mud, laughing, joking, and enjoying a BYOB beverage while recapping the race.
Please join us for these events and explore and experience the trails of Rochester NY


MENDON PONDS PARK – Route 65 (Clover Street) south from Monroe Avenue. Go to 3rd entrance. Turn left onto the Pond Rd/Nature Center Entrance. At bottom of big hill turn left. The race starts at the top of Devil’s Bathtub. If you went past the big Mendon Pond you went too far. Look for signs.

WEBSTER PARK – Take Route 104 East to Holt Road exit; Turn L on Holt Road to Lake Rd.  Turn Left onto Lake Rd.  Drive approx. 1/2 mile to camp access road on left.  This will take you back to Onondaga Lodge. Starting point is Onondaga Lodge.

LUCIEN MORIN PARK (FORMERLY ELLISON WETLANDS)– 590 to Empire Blvd East. Park is at bottom of hill next to MacGregor’s.”

Source-Yellow Jacket Racing

***All photos courtesy of Barb Boutillier of Fleet Feet***
** Dirt Cheap Logo courtesy of Yellow Jacket Racing**

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    Sean S said:
    April 19, 2012 at 12:58 pm

    Great race last night. What a fantastic showcase for the amazing running community here in Rochester, 300 people running a very difficult trail course on a Weds night… awesome!


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