Sehgahunda Trail Marathon is this weekend!

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This weekend 152 solo runners will “Dare to experience” the Finger Lakes Extension of Letchworth State Park for the Sehgahunda Trail Marathon. While I decided not to participate this year (a decision I fully regret), all 3 of the other #TrailsROC founders will all be tackling the event, and will all be tackling it as solo runners.

Yellow Jacket Racing Describes the course:

This beautiful and challenging course follows a northern extension of the Finger Lakes Trail system along the eastern rim of the Letchworth gorge from Mt. Morris to Portageville. The trail is very runnable, well-marked and lovingly maintained, but by no means easy. Your meander through the wooded single-track along the rim will be punctuated by a seemingly interminable series of gullies, each entailing a rapid descent and a climb again to the rim. Many small stream crossings and ever-present roots will keep you on your toes. Pace yourself well. The course does not get easier as you near the finish. Prepare to test your endurance, prepare to have a blast, and prepare for an adventure!

I am excited, and already proud of them. This marathon has unheard of elevation changes for an east coast event. It has challenges on every turn. Letchworth State Park is the called the Grand Canyon of the East. It is beautiful, it is nature at it’s best. Winding single track trails through gullys and trees. It is the trail the Indians walked generations ago. It has history and intrigue.

We thought about volunteering, but I really want to be there to support and cheer for my TrailsROC guys on my own schedule this year. I do realize the value of volunteering. It makes events tick. It allows groups to organize races like this. However this year, when I head down to Letchworth, I will have the dog and we will be enjoying the woods as much as the other runners will hopefully be enjoying them.

Dogs can’t volunteer… but they sure can cheer!!

Maybe you can volunteer though?

If you can spare ANY time this weekend… Please contact Ellen or If you do not want to volunteer but want to take in the course and the beauty of Letchworth, come on down and cheer on our team (and all the other racers) on Saturday! Make signs, bring cow bells, yell lots! Be encouraging. These runners will be taking on the challenge of a lifetime. Let’s get out there and support them.

I hope to see you all this Saturday. I will be rocking my #TrailsROC shirt, come on up and introduce yourself


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    Jonathan Auyer said:
    May 23, 2012 at 7:26 pm

    Excited to do this next year with you guys. Hoping to maybe do the North Face Challenge in the beginning of May and this at the end. Maybe to the Green Lakes Challenge later in the year, since my parents live in Syracuse. All speculation…


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