Goat Head Gear – Sole Spikes Review

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Intro: When we launched TrailsRoc we were excited and were tweeting a lot to get our name out. It did not take long before we came across the crew from Sole Spikes and began talking about their Sole Spikes. After a few communications it became clear our group was interested in trying these spikes out and spreading the word.

Read Eric’s review below and you can check out Ben’s review here. In both, you will see that we were impressed.



Some details: We received the Goat Head Combo Pack quickly in the mail with a nice note. According to the Goat Head web site “The Goat Head Combo Pack is a great way to start your journey with Sole Spikes™. The combo pack includes one cup of Sole Spikes™ and also a Sole Driver™ handle. Get you Goat Head Combo Pack today!”

In other words you got your container of sole spikes, you got a driver, and you have an easy way to install them. The idea with Sole Spikes is that you won’t have to worry about spending big money on slip on spikes or yaxtrax. These screw in to the bottom of your shoe and grip ice, snow, mud, and river beds. Basically they turn your current favorite outdoor shoe into a better gripping better performing outdoor shoe. Perfect for hunters, ice fishers, runners, hikers, or as they put it,  ”anyone who doesn’t like to slip and fall”

I loaded these onto my very minimal New Balance mt101 trail shoes and found they fit perfectly. Then I went out and tackled some technical trails at Durand Eastman Park.  

The Highlights:

Installing them was a breeze. Using the driver, the Sole Spikes just went right in. I even took them out and put them back in to see what kind of damage they did. They didn’t leave damage that was of any concern even in such a minimal shoe.

The grip. One downside to running in very minimal trail shoes is that they often offer limited traction when the trails get really muddy, or really icy. I have trouble with microspikes as well because with minimal shoes, I can really feel the spikes under my feet and they do tend to clog up with snow and mud.The solution here is Sole Spikes.

Up and down this slick hill with amazing grip

Do not hinder movement. They leave my minimal shoes as they are. Minimal. They add no noticeable weight. They do not restrict my foot movement with any straps or rubber band settings. Microspikes and yaxtrax often leave me with a “straight forward” feeling. In other words, if I am going straight I am fine, but tight wavy turns or twists like the one below, they shift or the foot jams in an unsafe position due to longer spikes. The Sole Spikes allow your foot to be natural. It allows you to attack these turns with confidence.

Attack the turns with Sole Spikes

Easy to replace. If you lost a spike or want to add more to other shoes they are affordable and easy to attach. If your yax or microspikes. If you break a yax or micro, you have to send them back, and chances are you are not going to break a steel forged spike. I dragged them along some dirt and rock sections and the spikes stayed put.

Room for improvement : The only room for improvement that I see is that the “Sole Driver” does not fit in the cup which kind of stinks because that makes it a bit easier to get seperated from the spikes. I like things that are in essence “all in one”, if the cup was a bit taller, the driver would fit and everything would always be together, and never lost.

Overall:  I am impressed. I never lost my footing, I gained confidence on downhills and I gained a ton of traction on the up hills and I was able to attack the turns. I ran 8 miles and never once “felt” the screws under my feet. They pretty much turned my all time favorite trail shoe into an ALL time favorite trail shoe. A subtle, yet important difference to me.

I would suggest Sole Spikes for anyone who wants the grip without the slip. It won’t kill your budget like microspikes might and the only time you will notice that you are wearing them is when you are charging up hills or over ice without slipping.

The TrailsROC crew will be running a giveaway at one of our trail event days in the near future. If you value your grip on the trails as much as we do stay tuned for details and join us out on the trails

***** Opinions are the content of RocTheRun– Sole Spikes did supply the product free of charge  ******