1st Annual TrailsRoc Troubled Turkey Trail Run

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Some of us just love the trails more than the roads.

Some of us do not like the huge crowds that Turkey Trots can bring.

Some of us need to start a bit earlier in the day.

Some of us want to run just to run and don’t feel the need to race on a holiday.

For those people, we held our first annual TrailsRoc Troubled Turkey Trail Run.

We met at Ellison Park at 6:30am on Thanksgiving morning for a fun, low key, crowd free, road free, 4.5 mile trail run. We started in headlamps, we ended with cold beers, and in between we climbed hills, had fun, got to meet some new people and of course,ran some trails. Check out our photo album of the event on facebook here. 

Thanks to everyone who came out this year, we look forward to seeing you next year at our 2nd annual Troubled Turkey Trail run.

Gobble Gobble!