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Way back in June, we introduced you to the 4 founders of this fine organization here. A few weeks back we introduced you to one of our newest board members Sheila – Aka Sugar Momma with this post. Well, now it is time to continue introducing more of our group.

Fresh off of her Javelina Jundred 100 mile race We are happy to introduce you to our resident 100 miler – Lisa Murphy – AKA Emperor Cuzco!

You can’t send a trail group this picture… and not expect a trail name related to these guys


Lisa joined us to help bring some female perspective to the world of ultra and trail running and we are happy to have her on board. We really look forward to everyone getting an opportunity to get to know her better. Please read below for a brief QA with her.

1. Why TrailsRoc? What attracts you to the organization?

The people are friendly! I met them all on the twitter, then started to recognize the hashtag on shirts at events, started standing next to them in the parking lot and before I knew it I was peeing in front of them on 20 mile runs!

2. What is your endurance background AND what makes you tick… why do you run?

I have only been running for about 7 years. I started with 5ks and quickly started doing marathons: rock and roll San Diego, Marine Corps, the infamous HOT Chicago one and I’ve done Rochester  3 times. I got into the ultra scene this year when I registered for AR50.  

After, I realized I didn’t train on hills and trails nearly enough, so I came back with that as a focus. That’s how I got connected with TrailsRoc via Twitter – after AR. I really started only seriously running trails this past summer. After meeting these crazies, I learned more about trail running in the first 2 weeks I met this crew!


I also realized that running on the canal was NOT going to train me for the JJ100 that I signed up for. So I hitched my team to this wagon and haven’t looked back! I know that training with these guys this summer is why I did so well at the JJ100!!!

What makes me tick on a run? getting in the flow. being alone. the scenery. having to pay attention. you can’t just zone out – a root will wake you up for sure!

So it’s a balance of being calm yet intensely focused.

Seriously, running is the only time my mind is quiet. This has been a struggle for me since I have taken time off since the JJ100 for recovery. Not running has impacted my entire well-being. I am anxious to get back on the trial, yet also need to pay attention to a nagging hip strain that is not going away. I want that gone before I start training again.


3. Why should people join TrailsRoc?

The crew is friendly, knowledgable, connected to the running community and amazingly supportive. plus there’s beer.

4. What is your favorite Trail Event?

I don’t have one yet – but I like the idea of a barely legal barefoot race on Crescent! (editors note) TrailsRoc is in the process of planning some fun events this summer- stay tuned

5. Where can we learn more about you? Blogs, twitter handles, etc..

@ooeygooeylady twitter
Ooey Gooey, Inc. on FB – over 11k fans! woop! (Lisa is humble- She is one of the countries premier and most engaging public speaker/trainer/motivator for early childhood education – In other words, she is teaching our teachers~)
Runner Girl Murf on the FB too – that page is growing…


6. What is the most embarrassing thing you have ever done on a run?

Nothing. Yet. (random TrailsRoc memory over here though.. .We remember when Lisa tucked into the woods to pee, only to realize there was a different trail just on the other side where she tucked in and a man and his dogs happened upon her… embarrassing? maybe not… funny? For sure)

7. What is your DREAM race and why?

Not sure yet, shoot! I’m still learning that there are TRAILS IN ROC!!!!!

So there you have it, our very own Lisa Murphy – Emperoror Cuzco – We hope as you join us out on the trails you say hello. Look for the shirts with the #trailsRoc hashtag and say hello!