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I am sitting here on a cold windy night in Rochester watching a documentary about Mt. Everest. People (including myself) say things like “why would you do that” and “What is the point”.
I, as I said was one of them. Then I started to think – “Well, people say that about us as trail runners”.
It got me to really thinking – What is it about the trails that draw us in much of the same way that the mountains draw others. There were no shortage of quotes online when you google “trail quotes”. In fact I came across this wonderful page that I highly suggest- but we wanted to hear from you and add a few of our favorites! We posted for requests about why you love the trails and which ones you love on facebook and twitter and we did get a few wonderful responses. We are looking for more though –
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What is it that keeps you on the trails – what gets you there and then brings you back?
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    Our 0 SPF sponsor gets it!


    Leave us a comment – What is it about the trails that drives you? We want to hear from you -Your best trail quote – original or old drop it in below.