Our sport and doping

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TrailRunner Magazine editor Michael Benge just ran a column about Performance Enhancing Drugs in the most recent issue of the magazine. Today there is a link to a story on the website that Pikes Peak races will drug test this year.

There were many who wrote in complaining about a piece that was written about Lance Armstrong and that led to further discussion of whether or not people think drugs are entering the sport.

The fact is – as our sport grows in popularity – and rises from a niche sport of hardcore trail loving grinders – it raises the possibility that people will begin to cheat.  Given the recent moves taken by race directors – It seems many people already believe it is happening – You don’t test if you don’t think people are using.


We currently sit in a place where we can call the sport clean – Is the rise in prize money – the hyper competitiveness of the big races – and the increased notoriety really such a good thing? Are the times some of our runners putting up really  believable?

What do you think? Is doping going to become a problem with trail running like it is for track and field and has started to become for road racing? Is there a reason to believe that it may already be a problem and warrant testing at the big races? What about the little ones? Are the runners who will be at 0 SPF all clean?

I hope so – I hope the sport stays clean and guys who run hard still relax and drink a beer when the race is over.

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