The legend of Kokopelli

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Many of you may not be aware of this – but there is an ancient trail runner among us when we are out running the trails. Kokopelli is a prehistoric God of sorts – more of a deity that you can find in rock paintings of the mountains and caves of the Southwest United States.


Depending on where you get your story about Kokopelli, you will find a few versions of who he was – A fertility God – a rain maker – hunter – magic man -roaming salesmen- or, as we like to think of him – as a legendary runner.


Kokopelli travelled great distances – playing a flute and carrying goods on his back. We love to think about Kokopelli as an ancient runner – delivering news and goods to villlages as far south as the Andes and as far east at the Mississippi Valley – Running – laughing – telling stories –


We are glad to know we don’t run alone when we are out on the trails – If you ever felt there was more to this trail running thing than just what was “visible” it might just be Kokopelli dancing through the woods with you.

Our friends over at Trail Runner Nation believe Kokopelli can share his running powers with you. Check out their story, and get some Kokopelli for yourself!


One thought on “The legend of Kokopelli

    LeslieJackson said:
    February 19, 2014 at 2:47 am

    I fell in love with the kokopelli when I was a teenager, running not so much till I hit 40. I have a tattoo of a kokopelli on my back and didn’t realize until now how the passions would join.


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