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Trail running is about many things – It’s about enjoying nature- It’s about finding who you are – It’s about softer surface with amazing views – It’s about connecting with something bigger than yourself v- It’s about dirt, mud, sweat, and blood. One thing we know it really is not about though is electronic communication.

Or is it?

We started TrailsRoc based 100% on our relationships in the social media world. Our advocacy of trails and promotion of our events has been 100% social media based. We have no office (unless you count Barnes and Noble or the Otter Lodge). We have never given anything out in print (we may soon).

Our growth – and thus the growth of trail running around here is attributed almost completely to social media.

As a trail organization, we post pictures, we post blogs,  we share events, we tell people when the trails are safe when to stay off, and any other topic that might come up about trails and we do it all through social media.


Our race registration is 100% online – We have no paper registration – we have spread the word of our race with social media and nothing else so far. (check it out )

To the purist, It might seem as if the social media movement is bringing too many “roadies” to the trails. They might think runners don’t know trail etiquette, don’t care to learn it and are crowding out races they used to love (and possibly even dominate) – To us though, we feel different – We say:


See, our love of the trails is not something we intend to keep to ourselves -We want you off the roads, we want you LEARNING trail etiquette, we want you improving the quality of our races and making them more competitive.

We want you to connect with nature, we want you to see in real life the pictures we share with you on facebook and twitter. We want you on the trails.

Social Media is the best way to get that word out to you, so it seems to us that Social Media is much more of a boon than a bane in the world of trial running – So come on, Like our pageFollow us on twitter. Put our blog in your RSS feed or subscribe for updates. Then once you do all of that, ditch the electronic communication at home, and join us for a run connecting on the trails.

So what do  you think? Social Media – – How is it treating trail running?