The most awesome person I have met through trail running?

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The Trail Runner Blog Symposium

June Topic: Tell about someone awesome you’ve met through trail running

Every month I (Eric, aka Ber Beer Bear) write in the TrailRunnerMag Blog Symposium they have some pretty fun and sometimes controversial topics –We are   backing it down a notch this month by being able to write about a more friendly topic.

Whenever anyone asks me about trail running – the very first thing I point out every single time is the community – and the friendship.

I do not initially point out the benefits of avoiding roads -It’s not becoming more aware of nature – not about getting dirty- not about any of the other amazing benefits of trail running.

– I talk about the community.

I talk about waiting for each other at trail junctions so people don’t take the wrong trail. I talk about sharing s-caps with someone during a race so they won’t bonk – even if that means they beat you in the end. I talk about the post race beers that we always have – including in the pouring rain last night


I talk about the laughter – the joy – the fun – but most of all it’s the relationships.

This amazing aspect of Trail Running led to the start of #TrailsRoc.

I could easily go ahead and say the someone awesome I met from trail running was Mike Wolfe – I could share about the time we all got to run with Krissy Moehl. I could write about doing the Media Panel at the Cayuga Trail 50 where Ron got to hang out with Sage –

But really, the “awesome” people I want to write about … That’s  ”us”.

The 4 #TrailsRoc founders –

If we never met Mike Wolfe, never ran with Krissy Moehl, never interviewed Sage -We would still have done what we did –  We would still have started #TrailsRoc because without the elites – we still love what we do.

– Check out this from our “About us” Section:

4 like-minded, Rochester area athletes scratched their heads…

“How is it possible that the Rochester and Finger Lakes Region has such world class trail running and yet… there’s no website collecting all the information in one place and promoting trail running?”

TrailsRoc was born on an idea and a dream.

With that idea – and with that dream – and with none of us actually ever having met before other than through twitter we started #TrailsRoc over wings and beer at a local Red Robin late at night. The 4 of us have continually shown what the trail running community is all about.

I did not run  the Sehgahunda Trail Marathon last year the other 3 did – We made signs and traveled to all the check points cheering the guys on.


Sean could not run the Mendon 50k – Yet there he was in the middle of the woods on the biggest hill on the course cheering me on in 38 degree wind and rain.

Ron met up with Ben and paced him through the final part (trail run) of his 100% off road 70.3 mile triathalon on difficult technical terrain.

Ben leads a 6am trail run on Wednesday mornings so those who can’t run after work can enjoy the trails in the morning.

The examples go on and on – We meet each other at 4:30 and 5:00am to get trail runs in together – We wake up early or stay up late checking in on ultra races via text messages with family members offering encouragement and updating facebook so folks can track progress.

We each have led free group runs on a consistent basis – We have shared laughs – we have all seen the others fall on a trail and succeed on the trail – We have run together hung over and puking – we have run together with fresh legs at breakneck speeds.

We brought on another board member – who hosts Taco Tuesdays (thanks Lisa) and we show up at these and just hang out relaxing together with our families who are now friends. We simply met her at a race one day – she recognized out shirts (you know you want to buy one).

The great thing is – It all happened because of trail running. We never meet each other – we never build these long lasting and impressive relationships and we never realize just how awesome our accomplishments are without the trails.

The trails are amazing for more reasons than we can count – The top reason being the people who run them and the relationships they build for you.

So thanks trails -And thanks #TrailsRoc – You guys and gals are top notch awesomesauce!