Season Ending Report

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While we have 1 more race on our own schedule for this calendar year ( ) but the trail running season as we know it has come to a close. Before we need to bust out the snowshoes and cross country skis again, we decided to have a nice little celebration to recap our first Trail Runner of the Year Series.

Medved was gracious enough to offer us a place to host our end of the year celebration as well as supply us with some great prizes for series runners. The support offered us by Medved this year has been amazing and we wanted to thank them for all they did this year with us.

We had 8 (technically 9) races in our series this year – Runners would be scored on their top 4 results. In the end, Phil Nesbit and Heather McLendon came away with the series championships. Phil had a strangle hold on the mens competition winning 5 of the 8 races in our series  – As for the women it came down to the final races in Mendon where 5 women could have walked away as champion. Heather scored enough points racing in the 20k to secure the win.

Thanks to Loris Natural Foods and Medved – Both Phil and Heather will have great product to fuel and outfit their runs next year as we expect them to try to defend their titles!

This year #TrailsRoc also offered a sponsorship award – We set up an application and asked local runners to dream big. We wanted runners to stretch their comfort zones – to enter a race and find out who they really are as a runner. We had many great applications and spent hours debating who should be our winner. In the end we couldn’t decide on just one, and we voted to provide a male and female runner our support.

Heather McLendon and Pete Lacey were the recipients of this years sponsorship – Heather will be tackling the Rothrock Challenge and Pete will be taking on his very first marathon at the Segahunda Trail Marathon – Congratulations Heather and Pete – We look forward to supporting you in the journey to the finish line of your events!


At the TROY Celebration we also announced next years series – We have 8 of the very best trail races in the area on our schedule – We hope you will run them all and rack up as many TROY points as possible. Some of our races do not have dates yet so stay tuned.

April – Muddy Sneaker

May – Medved Madness

June – Charlies Old Goat Trail Run

July – Our very own 0 SPF Trail 1/2 Marathon

August – Dam Good Trail Race

September – GVH Mudslog XC

October – Out oF Bounds Trail Race

November – Menon Trail Run 50k

Each race is unique – Each race is well organized – Each race is locally, home grown, grassroots.

Thank you to everyone who ran this year – We look forward to many more years of trails with you!