WTF Recaps

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Well the WTF came and went – but the snow stayed – We could not have asked for more perfect conditions to kick off the winter racing season. There were so many thank yous to offer –

Eric offered up some of those thanks on his site Trails2Brews here.

We had amazing photographers pitch in and give us some great photos to remember the event by

Mike Lesher

Brian VanBuren

Alex Tong

Did you write a post race blog about the event? We saw a few right here – Loved them all – Thanks for the kind words – If you wrote one or know of one – Give us the link so we can add it in! We love hearing what you all thought of our events – It helps us improve.

“6. Nothing can compare to the beauty of trail running in the winter. I never have found this feeling during road races but something about trail running takes my breath away (and no, it wasnt because it was so cold). It was insanely beautiful.”

Daneille – We couldnt agree more!

Blogs below!








Thanks so much again – We hope you join us for our next adventure in April – Mess The Dress!