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Race recaps – Trail News – Photos and more!



We wanted to take a minute to welcome you to our newsletter. As an organization founded through the use of social media we realize not everyone uses that forum – So here we are, chillin’ in your inbox.

Our goal as an organization from day one has been to introduce more of you to the trail scene here in Rochester, NY. We know our trails rival trails from anywhere around and we are proud to show them off every chance we get. This newsletter will give us an opportunity to do just that.

Many of you follow and read along with the elite sponsored runners and their careers – True to our roots, we will begin to introduce you to some of your local non-elites in our monthly runner spotlight.

Others of you are looking for recaps and “what happened” at local trail races. We will highlight our very own TROY series and also update you on some of the results from the more popular trail races in the area.

Finally, our trails offer some of the most stunning scenery you can find anywhere. We will highlight a few amazing photos each month for your viewing pleasure. For consideration, simply submit your photo (bonus points of runners in our shirts) on our facebook page or email them to us at

Before I end I wanted to invite you all to our annual TROY party at Medved. On November 8th at 5pm we will lead a short group run (3-4 miles) from the store – We will go back to the store at 6pm for pizza, prizes, and fun! Join us in celebrating a year of amazing trail running!

We are excited to see you on the trails and can’t wait to bring you this monthly newsletter to highlight all that we are doing!

Meet us on the single track,

Eric and the #TrailsRoc crew




Clean up:

We have trail clean up day scheduled for September 14th at Durand Eastman Park. Meet at the Zoo Road Parking lot. (Not at the zoo). If you run the trails, help us care for them!

7:30AM Run

8:30-12:00PM Trail Work

12:00PM Bring a dish to pass picnic.

Group Runs:

Tuesday Trail Trots – 5:30PM. An easy 3-4 mile. You should be able to run 3-4 miles consistently and we will lead you through the parks. We always have 2 pace groups available. Check our website for more details.

Wednesday Morning Runs- 6:00AM. Ben will post the schedule on our facbook page each week.

Thursday Medved and then Snowshoe runs 6:00pm. We go through the all of the parks in the county. Medved coordinates in the spring and summer – We coordinate in the late fall and winter.


Ready Set Glow The race is sold out – 2 random prizes will be given out to finishers! Head to toe, we will outfit you in Brooks NightLife gear! Get in, have fun, run trails. Anyone who tries on a pair of Brooks trail shoes during the month of September at Medved is entered into a drawing to win an entry to the race

The GVH MUDSLOG – Why send all of your money to these big national for profit companies who come in, make you stand in a line, and run off with your money. The GVH Mudslog has been around for 8 years now. Consider it the original of the mud/obstacle runs – It’s homegrown. Try them out, you will not regret it!

WTF – The Winter Trail Festival is coming  up. Remember last years blizzard? We are back again this year and ready to roll! December 13th. The race has a 5, 10,or 15 mile option!

Sponsorship – We are ready to take applications for this year #TrailsRoc Sponsored athletes.Check the details here. We want to send YOU to the race of your dreams. You just need to convince us why we should pick you!

We need a trailer – Can you help us raise the funds? You can donate right from our homepage




Bob Post

Each month we will highlight you. A local trail loving runner. Every other site is highlighting the stars, we want to highlight OUR stars!

1. Why trails: Some of my fondest memories growing up were going to Connecticut Hill Wildlife Management Area with my family and camping, hiking, hunting, picking apples and just enjoying the woods. Trail running brings me back to that time, while adding good friends, exercise, and challenging, ever-changing terrain.

2.Tips on injury prevention:  I don’t buy into the “Fight Through the Pain” philosophy. Pain is my body telling me that something needs attention. A steady diet of ibuprofen and pain relieving creams can mask problems pretty effectively, but it is only a matter of time before I will break. Take care of the little things.

3.Favorite Race:  There are some amazing races in this area – WTF, 0 SPF, Sehgahunda, Mess the Dress – and I enjoy each of them for their unique challenges. But if I had to pick a favorite I would go with the Dam Good Trail Race. It was my very first longer distance trail race and introduced me to the half marathon-ish trail distance. Beautiful trail with some sections that challenge without being absurd.

4.Favorite Trail:  The Seneca Trail in Victor is my hands-down favorite trail. Most trails are in parks but this trail weaves in and out of commercial and residential areas. To me, the Seneca Trail shows that we don’t need a government-provided area to enjoy nature, we just need people that care. Hills, mud, single track, shared use paths, creeks, fields, this trail has amazing variety.

5. What to do in Rochester when you aren’t running: One of the benefits of running is the ability to intake more calories. Luckily Rochester has a lot of great places to eat. Lately I find myself drawn to early morning runs that promise a finish at a nearby bakery. Pretty sure that this isn’t helping me get any faster on the trails but great companions and tasty breakfast treats with coffee sure makes me happy.



Current Leaders:

Men’s Series

1st place- Josh Perks (397 points)

2nd place – Dan Ward (337 points)

3rd place – Mike Merstock (302 points)


Women’s Series

1st place–Liz Matthews (396 points)

2nd place–Robin Lorenzo (392 points)

3rd place–Michelle Weiler (379 points)


Our next TROY race is the Mudslog put on by GVH – Tons of fun and plenty of TROY points available.

The TROY celebration will be November 8th at Medved. We will meet at the store at 5pm for a 3/4 mile run and then at 6pm the store closes and we will commence the party. Join us!



We are looking for the best photos of folks wearing a #TrailsRoc shirt – Send us yours!


This photo Shot by Ron Heerkens Jr at Lucien Moren Park. Sean Storie showing off one of our new shirts!