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Race recaps – Trail News – Photos and more!

October is here and with it comes another amazing running season in Rochester. This is the time of year when the temperatures are perfect, runs seem easy, and the scenery is stunning. Just this past weekend I was able to run as the sun came up at Durand Eastman and I spent time being in awe of the beauty on our trails.This opportunity is one that is unique to the area that we live and I encourage you to get out and run on the trails in the next few weeks as the colors pop and the scenery wows us. You can join any of our 4 group runs and never worry about being alone to enjoy the views or you can head out on your own time and take it in like I did this Saturday for a few miles.With the changing of the seasons comes time for some announcements from us. Check below for man details but I want to highlight one we are particularly proud to be offering – We are looking to send a local runner to the race of their dreams. We have money set aside to sponsor athletes every year. If you have ever wanted to know what the full support of an organization behind you can do fill out our sponsorship application and tell us why we should help you accomplish your next great adventure.

So get out there – enjoy the run – and follow us as we show the world why the #TrailsRoc

See ya on the trails,

Eric and the #TrailsRoc crew


Clean up:

We had a very successful trail work day last month rerouting some sloppy trails, trimming branches, clearing trees and doing our darndest to not get bested by some lazy beavers. The trails in our area are some of the best anywhere and they did not get this way on their own – Thanks to all who help us clean and create!

Group Runs:

Tuesday Trail Trots 6:00PM. An easy 3-4 mile. You should be able to run 3-4 miles consistently and we will lead you through the parks. We always have 2 pace groups available. Check our website for more details.

Wednesday Morning Runs- 6:00AM. Ben will post the schedule on our facbook page each week.

Thursday Medved and then headlamp runs 6:00pm. We go through the all of the parks in the county. Medved coordinates in the spring and summer – We coordinate in the late fall and winter.

SAS – Slow and Steady with HBO – These runs are on Sundays and are for those who are just learning to run. We go, as the name says,  Slow and Steady.


Ready Set Glow The race is sold out – 2 random prizes will be given out to finishers! Head to toe, we will outfit you in Brooks NightLife gear! Get in, have fun, run trails. Anyone who tries on a pair of Brooks trail shoes during the month of September at Medved is entered into a drawing to win an entry to the race

The GVH MUDSLOG – Why send all of your money to these big national for profit companies who come in, make you stand in a line, and run off with your money. The GVH Mudslog has been around for 8 years now. Consider it the original of the mud/obstacle runs – It’s homegrown. Try them out, you will not regret it!

WTF The Winter Trail Festival is coming  up. Remember last years blizzard? We are back again this year and ready to roll! December 13th. The race has a 5, 10,or 15 mile option! Registration is OPEN – This race sold out last year, get in while you can!

Sponsorship: We are ready to take applications for this years #TrailsRoc Sponsored athletes. Check the details here. We want to send YOU to the race of your dreams. You just need to convince us why we should pick you!

We need a trailer- Can you help us raise the funds? You can donate right from our homepage http://www.trailsroc.org. We are close to our goal and would love to do this soon!

#TrailsRoc: The App: What’s new in version 1.1?

Major map additions! #TrailsRoc now includes the complete Crescent (18+) and Seneca (14+) Trail systems: over 50 miles of additional trails. This high quality data collected by #TrailsRoc members includes all side trails and access paths, color-coded to actual blaze colors.

New feature: browse a list of all trails and parks covered in the app. If you want to find a park or trail by name, or prefer to browse a list rather than a map, check out the new list view. Select a trail in the list to see it on the map, or select a park to see a list of trails in the park.

Know a good trail that is not in our database? Send us your GPX data and allow others to share that trail with you. Contact TrailsRocTheApp@gmail.com with GPX or comments.


Jenn Pratt


 Each month we will highlight you. A local trail loving runner. Every other site is highlighting the stars, we want to highlight OUR stars!1.Why Trails- I would run just about anywhere, but there is something extra special about trail running. The challenge, the adventure, the feeling of exploration and that anything could happen. But mostly what I love about trail running is the community. I’ve met the most amazing, inspiring and all around awesome people through #TrailsRoc, especially my boyfriend, Pete. People tend to hang out after the runs, talking, laughing and drinking beer (or in my case, chocolate milk). It’s a very encouraging and welcoming group and basically, it’s everything I love about running.2. On injury prevention – I had an overuse injury 2 years ago that was very frustrating and of course the problem was only exacerbated by my stubborn refusal to rest it properly. Since then I’ve tried to be smarter and listen to my body so I know when I can push hard and when I should take it easy. Everyone is different, but 3-4 days of running a week works best for my body. And I find I can run farther and feel better doing so on the trails than on the roads.  For all around strengthening and injury prevention, I highly recommend Pilates with Gina at Nu Movement and Fit1 with Gustavo.

3.Favorite Trail Race – It’s so hard to choose a favorite race but I think it’s gotta be the TrailsRoc 0spf half marathon. The course is hilly and tough (at least for me) but it’s the kind of race that makes you feel like a badass for having finished it. There’s also a section of 2-way traffic where you get to see and cheer for all the other runners in front of and behind you. And conquering Chair Hill will totally make you feel super beast.

4. Favorite Trail – Rochester is full of gorgeous trails but Seneca Park is one of the best. Because where else can you run past elephants? Though Letchworth is pretty fantastic too. And I have a soft spot for my nemesis, Lucien Moren Park. This summer I had the opportunity to do TransRockies RUN3, a 3-day stage race in Colorado, and I absolutely loved it. Running through the mountains was an incredible experience. I’m also growing quite fond of Mendon Ponds park as I train for the Mendon 50K in November. I guess I am very bad at choosing favorites.

5. What to do in Rochester – Besides trail running, Rochester is also great for cookie and baked goods-eating, movie going (especially at the Little Theater or Dryden Theater), kayaking/paddleboarding and complaining about the weather. Though you earn more weather-complaining street cred if you get out and run trails in all the crazy weather, so get out there! I promise it’s the best. And there will most likely be cookies!


Current Leaders:

Men’s Series

1st place–Joshua Perks (397 points)

2nd place–Scott Parr (351 points)

3rd place–Dan Ward (337 points)


Women’s Series

1st place–Liz Matthews (396 points)

2nd place–Robin Lorenzo (392 points)

3rd place–Michelle Weiler (379 points)

Our next TROY race is the Mudslog put on by GVH – Tons of fun and plenty of TROY points available. Mudslog is one of the original mud runs, is local, and is sure to fill your obstacle course needs right here in town. Check them out

Following the Mudslog, the final race in the TROY series is the Mendon Trail Run – We are scoring the 50k this year. If you aren’t up for a 50k, don’t worry, MTR is offering a 10k, 20k, and 30k option. One of the areas most affordable races and most well organized the Mendon 50k will have a slightly changed course and new start/finish location this year. It has sold out the past few years, register soon!

The TROY celebration will be November 8th at Medved. We will meet at the store at 5pm for a 3/4 mile run and then at 6pm the store closes and we will commence the party. Join us!


We are looking for the best photos of folks wearing a #TrailsRoc shirt – Send us yours –

ML-2014-07-193322In a time when nearly everyone has immediate access to more photos than one could think possible, I believe that perspective and storytelling are the only things that matter.”

– Michael Lesher

This photo of Jeff Young was taken by Rochester area photographer Michael Lesher – Check out more of his work by following the links below