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April 2016

April showers bring may flowers. It’s what they say. We also hope it brings us some fun stuff to play in at Mess The Dress next weekend. This years proceeds from Mess The Dress will be going to the Willow Domestic Violence Center. They will be on hand race morning, and racing with us so make sure to stop and say hello to them.

Each year we donate thousands of dollars to charities and trail resources and the donations kick off next weekend. When we founded #TrailsRoc, we never thought we would be this big, and with that we want to make certain everyone knows our goal is to help others just like it was the first time we met.

No one on our board makes any money off of the races or merchandise. Every penny you spend on one of our races, shirts or buffs goes directly back in to the community you live and work in. Every single penny. We are proud of that fact as an organization and will always be thankful to those of  you who have helped us help others.

Mess The Dress is the perfect opportunity for us to have some fun and really make a difference for someone else. I personally look forward to seeing the smiling faces and muddy outfits at the finish line this year! So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and find the perfect dress for the race. We can’t wait to see what you come up with this year!



Eric and the #TrailsRoc crew


Clean up: 

Our first scheduled trail work of the year is at Pick Up The Parks day. Saturday April 23rd. We could really use a large crew so get it on your schedule! We will meet at Black Creek Park and tackle 2 big projects!

We are busy taking care of Black Creek and Durand-Eastman parks – We encourage you to get out in the parks near you and clear some debris. Make it easier to run, navigate, and enjoy. Look for our trail work days to be setup soon via the website.

We have partnered with the county and “adopted” 2 parks and will be announcing major projects in both of them:

  1. Black Creek Park host of Mess The Dress, Cast A Shadow, a Dirt Cheap and a few XC races. We have already designed some beautiful new single track that we use in our races and we are sure you will use in future events in the park.
  2. Durand Eastman Park host to our Winter trail running kick off and completion picnics as well as home to some Orienteering events and a Dirt Cheap. We have assessed the sustainability of trails at Durand – Rerouted a few trails and have planned a major trail building project to add miles of new single track in one of the most scenic parks in the county.

Both of these parks are vulnerable to overuse and/or poor trail use etiquette. Please remember to stay on trail, especially during races, and consider joining us as we repair damaged trails, build new sustainable trails, and create parks you will love to be in for years to come!

Group Runs: Always fun – Always free!

Tuesday Trail Trots – 6:00PM. An easy 4-5 miles. You should be able to run 4-5 miles consistently and we will lead you through the parks. We always have at least 2 pace groups available. Check our website for more details.

Wednesday Morning Runs- 6:00AM. We will post the schedule on our facebook page each week and the website is updated as we go.

SAS – Slow and Steady – These runs are on Sundays and are for those who are just learning to run. We go, as the name says, Slow and Steady. Check the website for times and updates.


Mess The Dress: On April 9th take on our 3rd annual Mess The Dress trail run. Runners get fancy to get muddy on this 5 mile (or 1 mile fun run) All proceeds from this event will go to the Willow Domestic Violence Center here in Rochester to prevent domestic violence and ensure every survivor has access to the services and supports needed along the journey to a safe and empowered life. Help us help others and have the most fun you have ever had at a race!!

O SPF: Perhaps the hardest 1/2 marathon in the region we are happy to bring back for a 4th year, the 0SPF – Registration opens here on April 1st and promises to sell out fast. This race is a fundraiser for both the Crescent Trail Association and the Victor Hiking Trails as well as the Valentown Historical Society. Join us on some of the best single track, most challenging climbs, beautiful scenery in the area as well as stepping onto the high point of Monroe County!

Mighty Mosquito Trail Relay and Ultra : In August, The Mighty Mosquito is simple really – 30 Teams of 6 runners (or a limited few solo runners) will tackle a 3 loop course with each runner running each loop once. You will run trails the entire time -You will camp with your friends -You will listen to great music -We are planning on a showing of a trail running film festival at night -You will have as much fun as you have had at any relay before -Teams are already registering!!!!!!

Registration is open at http://www.trailsroc.org/relay/

#TrailsRoc: The App:  Updates coming soon! Stay tuned!

Know a good trail that is not in our database? Send us your GPX data and allow others to share that trail with you. Contact TrailsRoc@Gmail.com with GPX or comments.








Many of you may have met Kim at our group runs, especially our SAS events on Sunday mornings. She can always be found with a smile and encouragement. Here she shares her story on how she got into trail running and what it means to her

My journey to trail running started with Zumba!  Yep!  I shed the extra 40 pounds, got in shape and then started running to participate in my first 5k Dirty Girl Mud Run with my Zumba peeps!  Then it was 5k road races.  I’d sign up for 1-2 each weekend during the season and learned that I loved to race.  Still really didn’t love just running, though, unless it was in a race!  I did enjoy OCR’s; the longer distance, the mud, the challenge, and most of all I loved being in the woods and on the trails.  Ah ha!!


This is where HBO comes in!  I knew her from Zumba, and she had been telling me about #Trailsroc and that I should run on the trails.  So one very early Wednesday morning in early summer, I agreed to meet her and this guy named Ben in the woods.  Turned out there were several guys and gals there and we were off in the pre-dawn dimness.  Indian Hill was my introduction to trails (Rt. 31 trailhead) and I loved it!  That was July of 2014 and life has not been the same since!


Through SAS, I’ve learned a lot about the trails and trail running techniques.  The #Trailsroc app gives me the confidence to venture out on my own with others like me.  My favorite trail, so far, is The Crescent Trail from the LDS dumpster (chair hill) past Woodcliff and out to Moseley.  I love the challenge of the hills, speed-hiking up and charging down with an exuberant “whohooo!” to express my joy.  I enjoy meeting new people and sharing the trails with friends.


My favorite #Trailsroc events have been Mess The Dress, and WTF.  I’ve yet to be in town for 0SPF and have made that my goal (maybe this year).  MM99 was a hoot last summer, but not again for me (I’ll volunteer)!


I’m not an ultra runner and I’m not training for an ultra, or marathon, or Tri, or Ironman, or any of the other wonderful, inspiring things that people I’ve come to know like to do.  Right now, I’m happy to say I’m a trail runner and I hope to meet you on the trails!  Now I need to find a dress for April 9th!






While not a traditional monthly trail picture, this photo by The Ascend Collective captures the spirit of trail running as effectively as any other. This was taken at Medved’s recent trail and ultra panel, where seven impressive runners were given center stage to share their love for trails. See more great work from this professional local photography group at http://www.theascendcollective.com




The Colonels Corner

Hello TrailsRoc members,

It is always with great pride that I am able to write to you on a monthly basis. Every month that I sit down and share a few words is another month that I can express my gratitude for being a part of an organization like this. We are about to be in the “heat” , so to speak, of the race season. Three of our races come in the next six months and I am looking forward to all of the familiar faces , as well as some new faces, racing in these fun and accessible events. There are so many events around the area to choose from, and I’m glad we have these options.

Speaking of familiar faces, many of us has the chance to sit and listen to some terrific stories and mingle with friends at this years trail and ultra discussion presented at Medved. Nights like that make me reflect on why trail running sustains me. Quite simply, it’s the people. The good friends I have made over the last few years, and the knowledge that more people are out there, just waiting to find us and share their stories. I hope to hear yours soon.