September/October Newsletter 2016

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Fall is finally here and this is my favorite season. The perfection of a crisp fall run in Western NY can’t be matched. We are lucky enough to live in one of the most stunning places in the world when it comes to fall foliage I suggest you take advantage of it. My go to place is Durand – Eastman park. The trails are still clear of soon to be falling leaves but the views you get are some of the best in the area.

Durand lake in Durand Eastman Park

The other reason I love the fall so much is all that #TrailsRoc offers the community this time of year. Ready Set Glow is our fall race and is always one of the most anticipated events of the year. A low-key, 5-mile trail run in the dark on the winding trails of Dryer Road Park. Trails will be marked with glow sticks and things that go bump in the night. Finish the race and celebrate with a glow necklace/bracelet, food, and a blacklight party where you can decorate your shirt with highlighters. Please register here and consider buying our race shirt! is open now get in before you can’t.

October is a chance for us to give back as well. We will begin accepting applications for the #TrailsRoc Sponsorship on October 1st – Last year we gave away $2,000.00 worth of sponsorship awards. Anyone can apply to run a race of their choosing with our support. From a 5k to a 100 miler to your next solo adventure, we would love to hear about it. Fill in an application and we will see what we can do.

The TROY series is winding down with 2 more events (sign up now) and then the TROY Party will be held at Medved on November 12th starting at 6:30pm. We will name our TROY Champions as well as name our Trail Steward of the year. Come on out for snacks, food, drinks, and more!

Until then – We will see you on the trails!

Eric and the #Trailsroc Crew


Group Runs: Always fun – Always free!

Tuesday Trail Trots – 6:00PM. An easy 4-5 miles. You should be able to run 4-5 miles consistently and we will lead you through the parks. We always have at least 2 pace groups available. Check our website for more details.

Wednesday Morning Runs- 6:00AM. We will post the schedule on our facebook page each week and the website is updated as we go.

SAS – Slow and Steady – These runs are on weekends and are for those who are just learning to run. We go, as the name says, Slow and Steady. Check the website for times and updates as these may be on weeknights

Please join us for our upcoming trail work days–you use ’em, so help us to build/clean them up (and get in some nice cross training in the process!).


#TrailsRoc: The App: Updates coming soon! Stay tuned!

Know a good trail that is not in our database? Send us your GPX data and allow others to share that trail with you. Contact with GPX or comments.


September/October Runner Spotlight


Tom Reding

Tom has been a very welcome face in the trail community in the last few years. He has completed some of the areas most difficult trail races in the Muddy Sneaker 20k and ultras like Can Lake 50 miler and continues to work toward some pretty amazing goals. Here Tom shares a little about himself and what the community means to him.

I was never athletic and short stints in basketball and baseball each ended after only one season. In short, I was typically overweight and inactive throughout my life. My running experience consisted of attempting to run with my sister, who ran track and cross country, and running the 1-1/2 mile run required every year in high school. I went out too fast and determined that this is not for me. By the time I was married with two kids, I was obese. Add to that bodily damage done by a lot of partying and bad habits in my young adult years. I had some minor issues with my knees and would be out of breath merely running to grab the phone at home.

After taking our Border Collie for 3 mile walks for a couple of years I began to grow tired of the routine. I have no clue where the idea of running started but part of the plan was to cut the walking time in half. Little did I realize back then I would eventually spend much more time running then I ever did walking. I began my running journey in 2006.

I looked online and saw a simple plan to use a run/walk program. This plan basically started off with a minute of running followed by a minute of walking. I progressed through the program, then spent the next year or so doing nothing more than running 3 miles 3 times a week on the Canal between Clover Street and South Clinton. In winter I did the same on a treadmill at the JCC. With healthier eating and portion control, I also managed to drop about 30 pounds.

After talking to a few people I began exploring the spur trails off of the canal in the village of Pittsford, behind MCC, and near Genesee Valley Park. This required me to increase my mileage. I soon discovered that I really enjoy going out for a couple of hours and zoning out while I run. I eventually managed a couple of road marathons.

I remember telling Ben Murphy back in 2012 that I did not think I could run trails because I am not Agile enough. At the time my idea of trails was the rocky traverses that are typical of an Adirondack High Peak hike. About a year later,  I had run one too many times on the canal. It was time to try something different. I started exploring the Crescent trail and Mendon Ponds. In 2014 I signed up for my first 0SPF and Mendon Mauler.

I also blame Ben Murphy for my entry into ultras. He signed up for the CanLake 50 miler in early 2014. The course looked beautiful, so I signed up for the 50k shortly after. By now I was running all of my long runs on trails to get some shade in the hot weather and get some hill sin my training.  I enjoyed the CanLake 50k so much I signed up for the 50 mile the next year.

My first trail ultra was the Mendon 50k in the fall of 2015.  It was there I had my first DNF due to IT band issues that could have easily been taken care of earlier in the year. Live and learn I guess. Palmers Pond, a fat ass 50k, is the only trail ultra I have completed so far. (I highly recommend it for building mental toughness.) My other four ultras were on pavement. I intend to eventually complete more on trails as I gain more experience with elevation.

There are obviously a few things I need to work on with my running. Right now I struggle with getting on trails and getting in some elevation during the week due to work and home. I also tend to not keep up with any type of intervals or hill repeats. Yet I do fine with keeping up with my long runs. It is just where I am right now.

Running seems to solve a lot of issues. I used to get frequent back aches, suffer from mild depression, and had a general lack of energy. These issues are virtually non-existent today and I generally have a better outlook on life. I like to say that running takes the edge off of day-to-day stresses of life.

I have met a lot of people and have learned a lot from everyone. I feel really lucky to live in an area that has a lot of trails and an organization like TrailsRoc.


-The Colonels Corner

Reading Tom’s story above, and listening to countless others this past year, has allowed me to reflect a little on my own story. How I went from unhealthy and reclusive, to embracing this community and reaching heights I never thought possible. Since I became a part of #Trailsroc officially last year, I feel even more connected to the people that comprise this unique and supportive group. Here’s to another year of racing, running, friendship, and more importantly, supporting each other as we achieve things beyond our imaginations. Thank you




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    Wanda Schubmehl said:
    September 20, 2016 at 9:04 am

    Thank you, Tom and Michael, for continuing to be kind and encouraging faces at races! It’s hard for me sometimes to just let go and be one with the run, rather than critiquing my goals, my pace, my training progress…but both of you have offered me encouragement, and it is appreciated! : 0


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