#TrailsRoc Ambassador winners

#TrailsRoc is an organization dedicated to the growth of trails and trail running in the greater Rochester, NY area. It is with this goal in mind that we formed the #TrailsRoc Ambassador Program.   

Every winter we award $500.00 to runners who we believe will represent us well. We ask them to have a big goal race in mind and we will help make that happen. We support them financially, with training, and with encouragement and energy.

In return they wear our shirt at the event they trained for and write us a post race recap.  In addition to that we ask them to share their stories with our community and with the world.

We want our hashtag trending. We want our trails out there for the world to see. We want you to tell our story to others and to share in the joy of what we do.

Do you see yourself in this role? Do you think you can represent #TrailsRoc well at a race and online over the course of the year ? The application is below – Let us know your story!

The ambassador program has produced many great stories, here are a few.


Prem Kumar: Race Across Haiti (his event blog, video recap) RiO before event

Scott Parr: War Hammer 100 (June 8th 2019) RiO before race News Article


Todd Beverly: Carl Touchstone Memorial Mississippi Trail 50 (Mar 3, 2018)

Laura Rekkerth: Antelope Island Buffalo Run (Mar 23, 2018) (RiO interview before race)

Nathan Stephens: Empire State Triad  (pre-race report) (post-race report)

Erica Mead: The Bad Thing (RiO interview after race) (Oct 20, 2018)

Rob Hannan: Trapp Lodge Mountain Marathon (Oct 13, 2018)


Jaime Hobbs: Massanutten Mountain 100 Miler

Jen Popen: Mendon 50k

Laura Howard: Many on the Genny


Mike Welden: Cayuga 50k

Chris O’Brien: Cayuga 50k

Dylan Jennings: Javelina Jundred

Gary Steeves: 0SPF


Dan Lopata: Massanutten Mountain 100 Miler and RiO Interview on his quest for MMT

Danielle Snyder:  Squamish 50k

Michael Ryan: Dances with Dirt – Hell


Pete Lacey: Sehgahunda

Heather McClendon: