Changes are coming

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A few months back we announced there would be some changes to the #TrailsRoc leadership team and the general direction of the organization. It took us some time to make sure we got it right, but we are finally ready to let you know what this looks like.



Eric and Sheila: This is the surprise here after our earlier announcement that they would be stepping down – Eric and Sheila have decided to stay on in their capacity and are excited to see many of you out in the woods with our group runs, races, and trail work days. They will continue to lead group runs, Co-Direct our races, and introduce new folks to the joys of dirt.

Jeff McBeth: Mr. Code himself is sticking around to offer up the support of our app and all things that go beep-boop in the night. Jeff is instrumental in our web design, scoring of the TROY series, helping out at every single event and supporting runners in the best possible ways. We are excited to spend more time in the woods with Jeff!

Michael Valone: Back for another trip around the sun with us supporting all of the runners he has come to love over the years. Valone will manage our merchandise which will include a newly launched store front as well as day of sales of some of our classic orange shirts. You can purchase our classic #TrailsRoc orange shirts directly from him at any event his is selling, and other gear will be purchased from our new store front!


Laura Howard: Our Special Events Coordinator. Laura was responsible for raising the funds that got us our amazing trailer, organized TROY, and managed our sponsored runners. Laura will remain involved in so many other events in the area so she will never stray far from us and we are sure we will see her at some group runs and races in the future! Thank you Laura for all you have done for us.

Amy Lopata: Our Trail Learning Crew coordinator. Amy has been responsible for showing so many new runners the joys of trail running every Sunday. It has been so great to have her with us. She will be missed, but we have a feeling you will see her volunteering at road crossings, rocking aid stations, mixing up some soups at WTF,  and out enjoying time out on the trails. Thank you Amy, your energy will be missed!

Dave Storie:  Our Trail Steward Coordinator. Dave is responsible for miles of new trails and so many bridges and walkways, making otherwise non-passable locations into beautiful, sustainable systems. Dave has led projects in Powder Mill, Ellison, Black Creek, Durand, Letchworth, and more. If you run trails locally, chances are Dave was part of the building or maintaining of that trail. Dave is leaving a legacy that will span generations, thank you Dave for all you have done, we know we can count on you to join us in the future for projects.


INVITATION: We would like all of you to join us at our Winter Trail Festival in Powder Mills Park as we thank Laura, Amy, and Dave for all they do before the start of our 15 mile race. The community is better for having them in it and we would love to give a large thank you from a sold out race for them. Join us December 7th – Sign up here



Advocacy – We will begin to focus a lot of our efforts into educating trail runners about proper and sustainable use while advocating for public lands to always remain public. This will mean working with land managers to only allow sustainable races and hopefully move all race organizations towards a model that includes volunteer trail maintenance on the systems they run on.

Races – We will continue to offer the Webster Trail Classic in the fall and the Winter Trail Festival in December. These events will be the cornerstone of our fundraising. We believe joining us for these is one of the best ways to help build and maintain trails in the area. The Trailfecta Series will go away at the end of this year as we will only have 2 races next  year.

Trail Work Coordination – We will continue to build new trails, maintain existing ones, and develop plans to ensure that trails are sustainable and usable in all seasons. We, as always need and appreciate your volunteer service on these projects. We will grow our partnership with organizations already committed to these events and hopefully can begin to develop more trail runners in to trail builders as we go.

Speaking of Trail Work– – – Katie Gailey has signed on to be one of our new Trail Steward Coordinators. Katie has been at a number of our work days over the years and spent time in South America with the organization Conservation Volunteers International learning how to build sustainable, quality trails in Chile, specifically in Patagonia.  We are excited to have Katie join us and can’t wait to see what plans our new stewards come up with!

 – – Todd Beverly – a staple at our trail work events and a  Golden Axe award winner has also joined our team. Todd  brings some serious skills as a wood worker – bridge builder – and trail maintainer to the board and we cannot wait to see the new projects he thinks up for us!

Tuesday Trail Workout – A group run open to all levels of runners. We are either doing speed work or hill repeats. These will stick around and anyone is welcome to learn how to run fast with us

Wednesday Morning Club– An early morning east side of the town group run. Get those miles in and be refreshed before heading off to work!

Trail Runner Of the Year series – TROY will be back and scored again. Look soon for an announcement on what races are part of the series.

The App – People love it, we love it, it will still help you find trails, learn trails, and stay safe on trails!

Merchandise– We will be moving almost everything online https://shop.spreadshirt.com/trailsroc/all and items will ship directly to your house. This will include hoodies, tech shirts, tanks, many color options, and even race shirts if you want them. Our classic orange t-shirts and sleeveless shirt will be sold on site during our races. We will only take credit for these items so come prepared!

Aid Stations: You will still see us at Cayuga Trails 50, Twisted Branch, and more as we volunteer our best people to make sure you finish that goal race you trained so hard for!




0SPF – But don’t you worry, the race will live on. Robin Hood Racing and the Rochester Running Company are going to take the mantle and run with it. This event has been around a long time and we wanted to ensure it continues. Look for information very soon from RRC regarding events that we have abandoned.

Ready Set Glow – It was already moonlighted (see what we did there)….. but Rochester Running Company has plans to bring it back. Pay attention for those details soon.

Our Ambassador program – We have helped 20 runners compete at races out of their comfort zones over the years. From Prem running all the way across Haiti to Scott winning the War Hammer 100. We will leave the adventure recaps on our website, but will be focusing that cash and energy into our local trails and races around here. Thanks to all of our ambassadors for all you did to highlight our organization.

Some group runs – Since our start, this community has spawned group runs that cover every single day of the week for every single pace of runner around. We are all about this community and want to see you all engaging in those other runs and bringing that energy to support our local stores and groups.


So there you have it – Some changes, but we will still be the same trail focused organization that we have been for almost a decade now. As we head into our 9th year this gives us a bit more sustainable approach while still allowing us to have a large focus on the trail community around us. Thanks for being along for the ride, we can’t wait to see where it goes next!



Trail closures and advocacy

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We think Spring is finally here. It was a long wet winter for our local trail systems and they are in pretty rough shape in some places. We urge you to all take consideration with where you run and what the conditions are like. If you are leaving footprints, it’s a good idea to find a drier place to run. This is also a good time to remind everyone to stay on approved trails when out and about.

Locally, at least 3 places have recently lost trail space.

  1. The Doc Lilac Trail in the Crescent Trail system is no longer public access. We have removed it from our app and there will be signs placed to let runners know where the private property begins. Much of the Crescent and Seneca trails are on private land that needs property owner permission. In this case, they decided to revoke the permit for the trail on their land.
  2. The backside of a route in Ellison Park known as the “Coyote 4X4”. The section of trail that was used for this route was never on public land and the new land owner is very serious about runners and hikers not trespassing on the land. Signs and even barriers have been in place on this route educating us as to where public lands end. Please respect the land owner and stay only on public lands on actual trails when at Ellison Park.
  3. The Finger Lakes Trail  Letchworth branch south from Access K-Closed due changing conditions, with major portions of the hillside slumping toward the gorge It has become too dangerous. Explorations are proceeding, but for now we have no trail route down to access L at the river bridge in Portageville.
    To reach trail south of the park, from Access K walk uphill on the paved road to NY 436; turn right onto 436 and drop down to river level to use the bridge, which has NO SHOULDERS. On the south end of the bridge, continue straight past the immediate intersection, then very soon veer left onto the old railbed/towpath and the Genesee Valley Greenway. This is roughly 1.5 miles.
    This section of the Letchworth Trail also appears on map M7.

    These are all great reminders that we must be good stewards of the lands that we run and race on. If we abuse, ignore rules, liter, and in general disrespect the lands, it is likely we will continue to lose them.

    #TrailsRoc is more than just trail running though, we are also a trail advocacy organization. When we can, we work to keep lands open and available to the public. It is important that we respect rules and boundaries if we want to save, or even grow our available outdoor spaces. We really, truly, need your help.

With that in mind – Consider joining us for some trail work days this season! We have at least 5 projects planned for this work season that can all be seen here https://trailsroc.org/trail-stewardship/


Thanks for listening, and we will see you out on the trails!



Join us at the Webster Trail Classic

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On September 8th join us for the Webster Trail Classic – A beautiful run through 3 amazing parks near the shores of Lake Ontario.

Register here: 



With 2 options, a10 mile tour of the parks or a 3.5 mile tour of Webster Park  there is an option for everyone-


Both races start and finish at the same point.


Please join us and help us raise money for the Friends of Webster Trails and the Webster Volunteer Ambulance company.




Join us for Born To Run the movie

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Run Free – The True Story of Caballo Blanco   Official Web Site

Wednesday December 9th 2015 7:00 pm

Run Free – The True Story of Caballo Blanco will premiere in Rochester, NY, on Wednesday, December 9th at 7:00 p.m. at The Little Theatre, located at 240 East Ave. in Rochester.

The feature-length documentary is about ultra-running legend Micah True. Better known as Caballo Blanco – The White Horse – True, was the focal character of Christopher McDougall’s 2009 best-selling book “Born to Run: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen” about the Tarahumara Indians of northern Mexico.

The one-night-only event is sponsored by#TrailsROC. Tickets are $12 in advance at www.imathlete.com/events/runfree or $15 at the door the night of the show.


So join us – partake in our 50/50 raffle – Support the local trails!!!!


Boston Runners

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We may love trails more than roads, but we believe very strongly that runners are runners. We are a community – We have a common thread – We know what it means to put one foot in front of the other and make our way to that finish line.

Not finding the finish line has to feel odd – It has to feel like something was left incomplete. We can assure nothing about what you did was incomplete – You ran until you were told to stop – Nothing wrong with that.

With that said – we want to do what little we can and we are offering a few free race entries to the 0 SPF race this summer if you were unable to complete Boston due to the attacks.

Please contact our Race Director – Eric Eagan at Eric_Eagan@hotmail.com if you are interested.

Run on friend s- Run on – We are with you.


USATF Niagara Ultra Series

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The USATF Niagara region has announced a new MUT series. MUT stands for Mountain Ultra and Trail. We are so excited to announce this as they are taking over for the recently folded Western NY Ultra Series.

This series will include both roads and trails – and while we are most excited about the ultra trail events we are happy to bring the news of this new series to all of you.

Please consider these events – Also don’t forget about our awesome new Trail Runner of The Year series – www.trailsroc.org/TROY



Join the Niagara Ultra Series Facebook Group

Series Schedule:

April 28th  BPAC 6 Hour, Buffalo, NY
Start your series by seeing how far you can run in 6 hours.  Points are determined by how many laps you can do on the paved 3.25 mile course.

May 25th  Highland 1 2 3 (30 mile), Fabius, NY
Head out to the wooded Highland Forest to run a 30 miler on trails.  Bring your shorter distance running friends along for the 10 and 20 mile runs (these don’t count toward series points).

June 8th  Cayuga Trails 50, Ithaca, NY
**2013 USATF Niagara Ultra Championship**
**2014 USATF 50 Mile Trail Championship**
Race the inaugural Cayuga Trails 50 around the gorgeous Ithaca gorges.    This race is also the USATF Niagara Ultra Championship, which features an additional prize purse for USATF Niagara members.  Come back next year for the national USATF 50 Mile Trail Championship to compete with the top ultramarathoners in the nation.

July 6th  Finger Lakes Fifties (50 mile and 50k), Hector, NY
Run either a 50 mile or 50k race in the Finger Lakes National Forest.  Enjoy the dirt roads and trails in the only national forest in New York.

August 24th  Green Lakes Endurance Runs (100k and 50k), Fayetteville, NY
Fall in love with the rolling meadows at Green Lakes State Park.  With 50 or 100k to choose from, you can’t go wrong here.

September 21st  Virgil Crest Ultras (100 mile, 50 mile, and 50k), Virgil, NY
Hope you love hills, because this monster is full of them.  Try the only 100 miler in the series to gain mega points, or enjoy the slightly less difficult 50 miler or 50k races.

October, 12th  Can Lake 50 Ultras (50 mile and 50k), Canandaigua, NY
Run through wine country with these scenic road races.  The 50 miler does a full loop of Canandaigua Lake and the 50k is a point to point, but watch out for some tough climbs on both.

 November 2nd  Mendon Trail Runs (50k), Pittsford, NY
Finish the season with a 5 loop trail run around the rolling eskers in Mendon Ponds.  Bring the whole family to the race so that they can enjoy a fun (non-scoring) 5k, 10k, or 20k on the trails!

Happy birthday to us!

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Here at #TrailsRoc, the month of March brings about our very first birthday – In a few short days we will be turning 1 and celebrating with the March Mudness – Daylight savings – 0 Spf Preview – #TrailsRoc birthday bash!

We are inviting you to join us to celebrate all these great themes in one place on Sunday, March 10th at 10am – We are meeting at The North Face in Victor to preview the first 4 and last 4 miles of our course.


There will be hills – There will be road crossings – there will be creek crossings – and there of course will be fun single track with amazing views.

If the weather this week does not clear up the ice  by then we will highly suggest you wear some sort of traction device as the hills on our course can be a bit slick with ice on them.

Our overall course elevation is below:


After the run, hang out with us after as we crack a cold one and enjoy some #TrailsRoc dirty birthday cake! Feel free to bring a snack to share or if you prefer, some hot coffee!

We hope to see you there!