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Trail closures and advocacy

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We think Spring is finally here. It was a long wet winter for our local trail systems and they are in pretty rough shape in some places. We urge you to all take consideration with where you run and what the conditions are like. If you are leaving footprints, it’s a good idea to find a drier place to run. This is also a good time to remind everyone to stay on approved trails when out and about.

Locally, at least 3 places have recently lost trail space.

  1. The Doc Lilac Trail in the Crescent Trail system is no longer public access. We have removed it from our app and there will be signs placed to let runners know where the private property begins. Much of the Crescent and Seneca trails are on private land that needs property owner permission. In this case, they decided to revoke the permit for the trail on their land.
  2. The backside of a route in Ellison Park known as the “Coyote 4X4”. The section of trail that was used for this route was never on public land and the new land owner is very serious about runners and hikers not trespassing on the land. Signs and even barriers have been in place on this route educating us as to where public lands end. Please respect the land owner and stay only on public lands on actual trails when at Ellison Park.
  3. The Finger Lakes Trail  Letchworth branch south from Access K-Closed due changing conditions, with major portions of the hillside slumping toward the gorge It has become too dangerous. Explorations are proceeding, but for now we have no trail route down to access L at the river bridge in Portageville.
    To reach trail south of the park, from Access K walk uphill on the paved road to NY 436; turn right onto 436 and drop down to river level to use the bridge, which has NO SHOULDERS. On the south end of the bridge, continue straight past the immediate intersection, then very soon veer left onto the old railbed/towpath and the Genesee Valley Greenway. This is roughly 1.5 miles.
    This section of the Letchworth Trail also appears on map M7.

    These are all great reminders that we must be good stewards of the lands that we run and race on. If we abuse, ignore rules, liter, and in general disrespect the lands, it is likely we will continue to lose them.

    #TrailsRoc is more than just trail running though, we are also a trail advocacy organization. When we can, we work to keep lands open and available to the public. It is important that we respect rules and boundaries if we want to save, or even grow our available outdoor spaces. We really, truly, need your help.

With that in mind – Consider joining us for some trail work days this season! We have at least 5 projects planned for this work season that can all be seen here https://trailsroc.org/trail-stewardship/


Thanks for listening, and we will see you out on the trails!



#TrailsRoc Trailfecta Series

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Good morning – We have a big announcement that some of you may have already seen on facebook!

NEW THIS YEAR – A #TrailsRoc Series – The Trailfecta!

Run all 3 of our races and earn a hoodie at the completion of WTF –

You have 3 options:

The Long Series 0 SPF 1/2 Marathon – Webster Trail Classic 10 Miler and the WTF 15 Miler
The Mid Series   0 SPF 1/2 Marathon – Webster Trail Classic 10 Miler and the WTF 10 Miler
Short Series        0 SPF 1/2 Marathon – Webster Trail Classic 3.5 Miler and the WTF 5 Miler

The cost for the series is just $75.00. This includes all 3 races and the hoodie at the end!


0 SPF July 13 –

Webster Trail Classic September 7th –

WTF December 7th-

As most of you know our main focus with these races (other than putting on some pretty epic events) is to raise money to continue to build and improve the trails in the Rochester and Finger Lakes region.  The series gives you an opportunity to earn some swag, but also to allow us to continue to raise these funds.


You can register for the series here https://ultrasignup.com/register.aspx?did=64654

Join us – Summer, Fall, and Winter and let’s raise some money and earn those hoodies!




Not interested in the entire series? You can sign up for individual races at the links below

0SPF https://ultrasignup.com/register.aspx?did=60358
WTC https://ultrasignup.com/register.aspx?did=60356
WTF https://ultrasignup.com/register.aspx?did=64328

Join us at the Webster Trail Classic

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On September 8th join us for the Webster Trail Classic – A beautiful run through 3 amazing parks near the shores of Lake Ontario.

Register here: 



With 2 options, a10 mile tour of the parks or a 3.5 mile tour of Webster Park  there is an option for everyone-


Both races start and finish at the same point.


Please join us and help us raise money for the Friends of Webster Trails and the Webster Volunteer Ambulance company.