Diversity Initiative

Since our founding in 2012 #TrailsRoc has worked to be a voice of “community” within the Rochester, NY trail running scene. We have opened the trails in our neck of the woods to hundreds, if not thousands of new and energetic trail runners.

In 2017 after much thought and growth we looked at the community of trail running and identified diversity as an area to prioritize growth. This opportunity is directly related to our organizational mission of introducing new runners to the the sport of trail running. We believe that improving our diversity efforts will not only enhance our runners’ outdoor experiences while they run with us, but also contribute to ensuring the sport grows in a way the positively impacts the community where we live.

Although some progress has been made, honest reflection leads quickly to the realization that trail running has fallen short of both its own commitments and the expectations of many in our community.

In order to continue to move in a direction of progress #TrailsRoc will:

  1. Partner with the Boys & Girls Club of Rochester to develop an outreach to youth in our area and introduce youth to our sport
  2. Continue to utilize funds from our spring race to support the Boys & Girls Club of Rochester
  3. Invite youth to participate in the spring race and help them train to get ready

In the near future we will be making a very exciting announcement in regards to this project and we can’t wait to get you on board with it!