Race drop out policy

We are an organization founded for runners, by runners. We are not a company, a store, a front for shady business…. or are we?

We are a Non-Profit and we understand “Shit happens”. So what can we offer you if you sign up for a race and for some reason cannot or decide you will not race?

  1. A deferral to next year (with one week notification prior to race) – You will get a confirmation email about this from the RD – It’s on you to keep it until registration opens next year.
  2. A refund (minus the registration fee that Ultra Sign Up takes)  – PLEASE NOTE REFUNDS WILL ONLY BE GIVEN WITH 1 WEEK NOTIFICATION PRIOR TO RACE – Once in race week, we cannot offer this.This is our least favorite option and we encourage you to take one of the other options.
  3. Please do NOT sell your bib to another runner – They must sign up properly and sign our waiver. This impacts results on ultra sign up as well as complicates legal issues with Insurance etc. Contact us – and use one of the above 3 options!
  4. One time use – We cannot continue to defer you from race to race to race. This is good for a transfer from one race to another and then it is spent.


  1. You MUST email the race director no later than one week prior to the race. Once we get in to race week logistics ramp up and this isn’t possible
  2. You spread the word on social media that we are cool -Not really,  but it’s fun.


  1. Many On The Genny has a separate and detailed refund policy which you can find here: https://manyonthegenny.com/registration/

We get it – Things come up – We never want to run off into the sunset with your money like some places! All we hope is that you come back and race with us another day 🙂

One thought on “Race drop out policy

    Jen Popen said:
    June 28, 2018 at 3:46 pm

    Spoke with you guys via Facebook about not being able to run 0SPF. So thankful to be able to defer to next year’s 0SPF RACE.
    Please lmk if there is anything I need to do.

    Liked by 1 person

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