Fingerlakes Trail Maintenance Log.

#trailsroc is sponsoring a section of the Letchworth branch of the Fingerlakes trail this year.  (Sections between access D and E)  This page will be used to chronicle our efforts and track person-hours spent maintaining this jewel of the region.

2020 cumulative person hours 7.0

March 8, 2020. 0.5 hours.  I (TB) was trail running through the area and did some recon for future improvements.  It was a great day for it, the ground was still partially frozen but you could see where the muddy spots would be.  No tools today, but I cleared up a creek crossing, dropping the water level from two feet to a few inches.  Also scouted a trail reroute around the permanently muddy section north of the power lines and a fix to the field area under the power lines.

March 15 2020. Two people.  2 hours. Hit the E to D section of the Letchworth FLT. Cleaning up (draining) some mud spots, creek crossings and scouting another trail reroute


 March 29th 2020 2.5 hours. 

 Solo effort today.  Did some drainage improvements to Access trail D (blue) and a small part of the FLT near D.