Group Runs

Led by board member Steven Dailey, a brand new community focused group run lineup has launched for 2023!!

We will be offering runs on Wednesday or Thursday evenings and Sunday mornings all over the region and even some fun group run projects to tackle longer trail sections (think Crescent Trail Project – FLT – and more). Each region will have an ambassador. They will lead group runs through parks announced online on a schedule. Stay tuned for much more!

Coming to a group run? You need to sign our waiver at each run.

The Crescent Trail Project is complete- Segment details are here if you want to do this yourself 



Sunday February 25th CTP #7
Ambassador: Sophie Kotok
Run Details: Join us for Leg #7 of the Crescent Trail Project!
Thursday February 22nd
Ambassador: Jake Chard
Thursday February 15th
Ambassador: Steven Dailey
Run Details: Valentines Day addition💓 bring a chocolate for a friend. Also, bring a headlamp and proper footwear.👟
Sunday, February 11th CTP#6
Ambassador: Andrea Lynch
Run Details: Leg #6 ! All paces welcome! Please ensure you have proper footwear for the conditions.
Thursday, February 8th
Ambassador: Steven Dailey
Run Details: We will explore some exciting trails here. Please bring your headlamp and proper footwear.
Sunday February 4th CTP #7
Ambassador: Andrea Lynch
Run Details: Please be prepared with appropriate footwear for wet trails.
Thursday February 1st
Ambassador: Steven Dailey
Run Details: Please be prepared with proper footwear and headlamp.

Our Tuesday night trail workouts are designed to help runners become more comfortable pushing hard and learning what it takes to raise your effort while on the trails. We will always start with a 1 -mile group warm up, followed by either hill repeats or intervals for the workout. 

Shout-Out a Runner!

Do you know someone tackling a big race or who just reached a goal? We want to know about it so we can highlight local runners and all of their achievements!