Group Runs

Group Runs:

COVID-19 Update: In light of the current pandemic, a desire to assist in flattening the curve, and a deep love for each of you, we are delaying group runs until each we can participate more safely. Meanwhile, keep finding the beauty of the trails that surround us, share with us your adventures, and reach out to the trails and people in need.

Tuesday Trail Workouts – 6:00PM. This will be designed to help runners become more comfortable pushing hard and learning what it takes to raise your effort while on the trails. We will always start with a 1 mile group warm up followed by a the workout of the evening. Check our website for more details.

Wednesday Morning Runs– 6:00AM. Typically on the east side trails -usually 3-4 miles in distance, always fun

Trail Mix – We are in general, a little on the slower-paced side (but not sorry about it) EVERYONE is invited! NO PACE IS TOO SLOW!!! We always have a few hikers, and we always have a few faster paced folks. Currently, our youngest trail runner is 5 years old, we have a few regulars that have 4 legs, and we only run on dog friendly trails.

TLC Trail Learning Crew – Learn the trails of this area at an all-paces welcome group where we promise not to leave anyone behind.  Check our website for more details.

2 thoughts on “Group Runs

    robhayes01 said:
    December 2, 2017 at 1:11 pm

    Great idea!


    Ken Mescall said:
    February 16, 2019 at 7:22 am


    I my wife and I recently moved to West Irondequoit. I am interested in learning some good trails to run that are close by, and meeting other trail runners.
    Any info you have would be much appreciated.

    Ken Mescall


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