Last Runner Standing

DESCRIPTION: A Last Runner Standing event on a 1ish mile loop. The loop is all trail. Runners will start each loop in “mass start” style. The time limit for the loops will get shorter after each completion.  Runners must complete each loop in the allowed time or they will be eliminated.


Basil Marella Park:

When – March 5th -8am

Where – Basil Marella Park – Greece, NY – 975 English Road – 14616

You might encounter riders on horseback, fishermen heading to the creek, deer and more. Enjoy time out in nature with them as you get loopy.

DISTANCE DISCLAIMER: This is looped course  – It is a touch more than 1 mile.

Water: There is water available at the start/finish line.  You are expected to be able to convey that water into your mouth.  There will not be “cups” available. We will also have 1 aid station with very basic needs – There will be hot chili and snacks at the finish as well

We need volunteers!  Not this time 🙂

Race Questions: Email the RD Eric Eagan at

Race swag – Hang in there – We will let you know soon.

Refund Policy – #TrailsRoc  has a more than fair refund policy – Check it out here and follow the instructions.

Awards: Some of the most beautiful trails in the area.  Time with friends that love the outdoors.  A personalized high five from Eric

How will we do this?

Note on loop timing using Lap 1 as an example –

Each loop is a mass start with every runner left going off together.

If you finish loop 1 in 12 minutes, you have an 8 minute break. If you Finish loop 1 in 18 minutes, you have a 2 minute break. If you finish loop 1 in 19:59 you will just keep on moving into loop 2. Anyone coming in AFTER 20:00 will be eliminated. The same process is repeated each lap.

MileTime to complete loop in minutesTotal time in minutes
198:00 234.5
208:00 242.5
218:00 250.5
228:00 258.5
237:30 266

****If more than one runner is left heading into lap number 26 the event will turn in to a 1 loop race. We will reset the runners – Line up – and say go within 30 seconds of the final loop completing. The final runners left standing at that point will be ranked based on placement in the final loop.****

Placement – The order runners complete a lap before elimination determines the winner.


Runners A and B both complete Lap 22 in time with runner B finishing ahead of runner A. Neither runner completes lap 23 in time. Runner B is the winner of the event based on finishing the previous loop first

Packet Pick information: Packet pick up in person