Race For The Rock

June 6th 2020

8 am

We have suspended registration for the event – We will work with all current registered runners to find a solution that works for everyone. Thank you for your understanding.


DESCRIPTION:  A knock out style  hill  climb tournament. Every runner will race a minimum of 2 hills in this double elimination format. 2 runners at a time.

Once a runner is eliminated they will be given a  custom cowbell and a location on the hill to heckle (cheer) the rest of the tournament.

We have 32 spots for men and 32 spots for women.

Prizes for Overall winner (male and female) as well as fastest climb and most inspiring climb.

The hill is about 1/10th of a mile “long”. It averages 25% grade peaking out at a 60% grade.

Powder Mills Park:

Powder Mills Park is a gem in the Monroe County Parks system – With steep hill sides – creeks – and beautiful single track we are excited to introduce this system to many of you. Powder Mills park is a winter lover’s dream with downhill skiing, sledding, snowshoes, and running opportunities – The hill we will run will follow the old ski hill with rusted out and forgotten tow poles still in place.

DISTANCE DISCLAIMER: This is a hill. We go up. You come back down. All under your own power.

Water:  We will have a jug at the bottom

We need volunteers!  email volunteer@trailsroc.org if you can help us!

Race Questions: Email the RD Eric Eagan at race@trailsroc.org

Race swag – Custom cowbell for cheering on fellow runners

Refund Policy – #TrailsRoc  has a more than fair refund policy – Check it out here and follow the instructions.

Awards:  TBD

Address of Park:  Woolston Road Parking are in Powder Mill Park

Registration: Registration opens January 15, 2020


Registration closes a week before the race, and there is no day-of registration.
Entry Fee:   $15.00