#TrailsRoc Sponsorship Winners

#TrailsRoc is an organization dedicated to the growth of trails and trail running in the greater Rochester, NY area. It is with this goal in mind that we formed the #TrailsRoc sponsorship.   Every winter we award sponsorships to runners to tackle the race of their choosing. We support them financially, training, and with encouragement and energy. In return they wear our shirt, and write us a post race recap.  The sponsorship has produced many great stories, here are a few.


Jaime Hobbs: Massanutten Mountain 100 Miler

Jen Popen: Mendon 50k

Laura Howard: Many on the Genny


Mike Welden: Cayuga 50k

Chris O’Brien: Cayuga 50k

Dylan Jennings: Javelina Jundred

Gary Steeves: 0SPF


Dan Lopata: Massanutten Mountain 100 Miler  4runners_gold_podcastRiO Interview on his quest for MMT

Danielle Snyder:  Squamish 50k

Michael Ryan: Dances with Dirt – Hell


Pete Lacey: Sehgahunda

Heather McClendon: