#TrailsRoc Sponsorship

#TrailsRoc is an organization dedicated to the growth of trails and trail running in the greater Rochester, NY area. It is with this goal in mind that we formed the #TrailsRoc sponsorship. The sponsorship will be awarded based on the merit of applications as determined by our committee.

The intention of the scholarship is to assist an area runner in dreaming big and getting to run a trail race of their choosing. We have mad money that can be allocated to a single winner or split between multiple entries depending on the quality of application received. The winner will also receive a #TrailsRoc tech shirt to wear in their race.  The deadline for application submission is October 31st, 2017.

By submitting this application, you acknowledge the following terms of the #TrailsRoc sponsorship program, and you agree to abide by these terms if you receive a #TrailsRoc sponsorship:

1.  The #TrailsRoc sponsorship is intended for the specific race or races indicated in your application and agreed to by the #TrailsRoc Board of Directors (the “sponsored race(s)”).  In exchange for sponsorship support, you agree to register, prepare for, and [run your ass off] in the sponsored race(s).

2.  As part of the sponsorship, you will receive a #TrailsRoc technical race shirt in the size of your choice.  You agree to wear that shirt visibly throughout the sponsored race(s).  [Dangerous weather conditions, a bear mauling, and extreme nipple chaffage may constitute sufficient excuse for failing to wear the shirt for a portion of the race.  In fact, please do not wear our shirt with bloody nips.]

3.  You agree to write a summary or “race recap” describing your experience in the sponsored race(s) for publication on the #TrailsRoc website. [A race recap should be longer than a tweet, but shorter than War and Peace.  Pictures are encouraged.  Accounts of your problematic bodily functions are fair game.  Pictures of your bodily functions are not.]  If you are unclear on the form or length of an appropriate race recap, #TrailsRoc will provide guidance and examples.

4.  If you accept a #TrailsRoc sponsorship and do not abide by the above terms, you agree to repay the sponsorship money to #TrailsRoc.  [If you have worn the shirt, we don’t want it back.] #TrailsRoc will use the repaid money for the purpose of funding a trails project of its choice.  If for any reason, after accepting a #TrailsRoc sponsorship, you become aware that you cannot comply with the above terms, you agree to promptly notify #TrailsRoc.  For good cause, exceptions or modifications to the above terms, such as a need to change sponsored races due to injury or other unforeseen circumstances, may be permitted at the discretion of #TrailsRoc and its Board of Directors. [We will work with you if you aren’t a jerk about it.]



One thought on “#TrailsRoc Sponsorship

    September/October Newsletter « #TrailsRoc said:
    September 19, 2016 at 10:22 pm

    […] is a chance for us to give back as well. We will begin accepting applications for the #TrailsRoc Sponsorship on October 1st – Last year we gave away $2,000.00 worth of sponsorship awards. Anyone can […]


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