Trail Stewardship

At our core, #TrailsRoc is about respecting and treating trails in a way that will leave them in good condition for generations of users to come.

One way we do this is by with our trail work days. From simple garbage pick ups to full blown trail building, this kind of work is an important and often thankless job. It also takes many man hours to complete.

Join us for our trail work days! Follow our Facebook page or check below for updates to our trail work schedule.

2020 Trail Work Schedule

Adopt A Trail – #TrailsRoc has partnered up with Many On The Genny and we have adopted a long stretch of the Finger Lakes Trail in Letchworth – We will now maintain and repair sections D through E, and E through F including all of the access trails in this stretch!

2020 Theme is  #StashYourTrash In addition to all of our trail work days, we are encouraging runners to pick up trash during your run and on instagram, twitter, and facebook use hashtag #StashYourTrash with #TrailsRoc to spread the word on cleaning up our parks

April 19 — Ellison Park — 9 am-12 pm

Meet in the small lot at the top of Penfield Road.  See link here. 

May 23 — Post-Seghahunda trail work on the Finger Lakes Trail Letchworth — 9 am – 12 pm

Meet at the Mount Morris Dam and Visitor Center (6103 Visitor Center Road, Mt. Morris).  We will meet up, discuss projects and then drive from there to trail heads to complete some work on the sections of trail that have been adopted by #TrailsRoc and Trail Methods.

June 13 — Friends of Webster co-trail work — 9 am – 12 pm (tentative time)

**Location TBD

June 14 — Letchworth State Park — 9 am – 12 pm

Meet in the Visitor Center Dam parking lot. When you enter the park at Mt. Morris, this will be the first lot on your left with the dam overlook, a huge Adirondack chair and a visitor center.  Please note that if you come in after 9, you will have to pay entry to the park if you do not have an Empire Pass.  But we are planning to start at 9, so we should all be in early enough! 🙂

June 21-27 — Letchworth State Park Finger Lakes Trail

**The FLTC has an Alley Cats project coming up.

July — TBD

August 29 — Webster Park — 9 am – 12pm

Meet here.

September and October trail work — check back for fall dates and projects!


Golden Ax Award

Our yearly Golden Ax award will recognize a trail steward who exemplifies our spirit of trail stewardship.