Trail Stewardship

At our core, #TrailsRoc is about respecting and treating trails in a way that will leave them in good condition for generations of users to come.

One way we do this is with our trail work days. From simple garbage pick ups to full blown trail building, this kind of work is an important and often thankless job. It also takes many man hours to complete.

We hope you can join us for our trail work days! Follow our Facebook page or check below for updates to our trail work schedule

Trail Work Schedule

Adopt-A-Trail! #TrailsRoc has partnered up with Many On The Genny and we have adopted a long stretch of the Finger Lakes Trail in Letchworth. We will now maintain and repair sections D through E, and E through F including all of the access trails in this stretch. We encourage anyone to come out and help for on as many of the scheduled days as possible for any amount of time that you’re able to!

April 15:

Black Creek Park

Time: 9:00 AM
GPS Coordinates: 43.081023,-77.799704

Black Creek Park.

We will meet near the Woodside Lodge and then split up to work on trails.

  1. Bring gloves,  hand saws and pruning implements. If you don’t have tools, we will bring extras.
April 16:

Letchworth Park. Building new trail

Time: 9 AM
GPS Coordinates: 42.720774,-77.927568

We are building a new trail inside Letchworth park.   Four miles, five bridges.  If you’ve run our Many On The Genny Race,  this trail will eliminate the long road section.

We’ll meet at the Hogsback pulloff 42.720774,-77.927568 This is on the west side of the Genesee inside the state park. From there, we’ll proceed to the trail heads.

  1. Bring gloves, digging, cutting and building implements.  We will have additional tools.
May 13:

Finger Lakes Trail Letchworth.

Time: 9 AM
GPS Coordinates: 42.670085,-77.935324

We’ll be working on our sections of the Finger Lakes Trail, between access D and F.  Bring gloves, cutting, pruning and digging hand tools.

We’ll meet at the access E parking lot.  42.670085,-77.935324