Trail Mix

COVID-19 Update: In light of the current pandemic, a desire to assist in flattening the curve, and a deep love for each of you, we have decided to delay all group runs for March through the end of August Meanwhile, keep finding the beauty of the trails that surround us, share with us your adventures, and reach out to the trails and people in need.

Trail Mix Wednesday Evening Group Run

WHAT: We are in general, a little on the slower-paced side (but not sorry about it)!

WHEN: We meet on Wednesday evenings to run/hike/whatever – usually at 6:00 PM- Check specific event that week for time and place).

WHERE: Typically on the east side of town. Usually the Crescent Trail, Seneca Trail, Powder Mills Park, and Mendon Ponds Park etc- See schedule below

Additional Details: EVERYONE is invited! NO PACE IS TOO SLOW!!! We always have a few hikers, and we always have a few faster paced folks. Currently, our youngest trail runner is 5 years old, we have a few regulars that have 4 legs, and we only run on dog friendly trails.

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First Wednesday of the month: We meet at the Fish Hatchery in Powder Mills Park: Current schedule are 1/1, feb 5 CHANGE of Meetup Location this week: meet at the Rand Lodge parking lot (43°02’49.1″N 77°28’50.3″W) on Park Rd and 3/4

Second Wednesday of the month: We alternate Corbett Glen and Ellison; Current schedule are Corbett 12/11, 2/12 and Ellison 1/8, 3/11

Third Wednesday of the month: We do a Crescent Trail Rotation. Current schedule IS Kreag to Garnsey 12/18, 3/18 Garnsey to Woodcliff 1/22 Woodcliff to Moseley 2/19

Fourth Wednesday of the month: We meet on the canal in Fairport just off of Turk Hill Rd and do the Eastern Trolley Trail towards the Golden Phoenix. Current schedule is 1/22, 2/26, 3/25