Female Open
Male Open
Female Masters
Male Masters
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Female Open

gender class lastname firstname Points
F Open Peca Jaime 395
F Open McCloud Barbara 377
F Open Romano Molly 377
F Open Hill Melinda 374
F Open Coleman Shea 365
F Open Chinappi Serafina 354
F Open Skerrett Jennifer 340
F Open Gutman Janelle 296
F Open Webber Laura 293
F Open Carlson Michelle 281

Male Open

gender class lastname firstname Points
M Open Hilt Zachary 391
M Open Tegeder Glenn 387
M Open Elder Robert 363
M Open Deiure John 355
M Open Burke Michael 327
M Open Jaanimagi Karl 283
M Open Parr Scott 278
M Open LoTempio Charlie 274
M Open Pomerhn Nathan 274
M Open Newcomer Justin 258

Female Masters

gender class lastname firstname Points
F Masters Kessler Sherry 390
F Masters Otto Tara 370
F Masters Brennan Sharon 362
F Masters Allen Shari 334
F Masters Hitchcock Jeanine 311
F Masters Carletta Alison 294
F Masters Feligno Danielle 292
F Masters Pryor Marilee 244
F Masters Graffeo Kim 237
F Masters Pellegrin Tina 221

Male Masters

gender class lastname firstname Points
M Masters Reetz Tim 393
M Masters Hatch Alan 387
M Masters Weber Bill 368
M Masters Marsh Jeffrey 349
M Masters Peterson Kerm 341
M Masters Beverly Todd 340
M Masters Ciaio Andrew 336
M Masters Kessler Dave 333
M Masters Steiner Matt 332
M Masters Natale John 320

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