Female Open
Male Open
Female Masters
Male Masters
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Female Open

gender class lastname firstname Points
F Open Caffrey Erin 387
F Open Matthews Elizabeth 298
F Open Romano Molly 293
F Open Carlson Michelle 281
F Open Nagel Kirsten 197
F Open Ghidiu Katie 189
F Open Cooley Katie 187
F Open Rekkerth Laura 187
F Open Floro Michelle 181
F Open Mis Charlotte 179

Male Open

gender class lastname firstname Points
M Open Nesbitt Philip 398
M Open Compson Christopher 391
M Open Blondell Garrett 380
M Open Pomerhn Nathan 366
M Open Frankel Joshua 356
M Open Pergolizzi James 343
M Open Newcomer Justin 341
M Open Roloson Justin 308
M Open Parr Scott 291
M Open Matthews Brian 287

Female Masters

gender class lastname firstname Points
F Masters Webber Laura 400
F Masters Jasmin Bambi 388
F Masters Post Christy 382
F Masters Disalvo Jennifer 379
F Masters Allen Shari 346
F Masters Graffeo Kim 336
F Masters Fanton Michele 276
F Masters Alvin Laura 274
F Masters Otto Tara 264
F Masters Pagano Lauren 195

Male Masters

gender class lastname firstname Points
M Masters Doyle Matthew 395
M Masters Hatch Alan 388
M Masters Polino Jeff 384
M Masters LoTempio Charlie 372
M Masters Dailey Steven 366
M Masters Morrison Mark 363
M Masters Ciaio Andrew 360
M Masters Morgan Phil 358
M Masters Natale John 337
M Masters Steiner Matt 327

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