Female Open
Male Open
Female Masters
Male Masters
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Female Open

gender class lastname firstname Points
F Open Nagel Kirsten 392
F Open Ghidiu Katie 292
F Open Brown Susanne 287
F Open Lynch Andrea 278
F Open Floro Michelle 276
F Open Skerrett Jennifer 268
F Open Murray Leah 255
F Open Marichal Mickaela 250
F Open Erickson Kyle 193
F Open Campanella Jen 190

Male Open

gender class lastname firstname Points
M Open Boyce EJ 396
M Open Frankel Joshua 377
M Open Van Kirk Chris 348
M Open Shoemaker Bo 329
M Open Roloson Justin 305
M Open Meehl Jordan 261
M Open Hannan Robert 250
M Open Bertrand Matt 233
M Open Nesbitt Philip 195
M Open Parr Scott 195

Female Masters

gender class lastname firstname Points
F Masters Weinman Jessica 396
F Masters Davis Marie 375
F Masters Alvin Laura 374
F Masters Birkland Amber 372
F Masters Post Christy 357
F Masters Marseglia Pina 318
F Masters Sinnott Kelly 272
F Masters Brennan Sharon 262
F Masters Whyland Carolyn 254
F Masters Otto Tara 243

Male Masters

gender class lastname firstname Points
M Masters Hatch Alan 388
M Masters Miner Scotty 379
M Masters Polino Jeff 379
M Masters Ciaio Andrew 362
M Masters Weber Bill 360
M Masters Kumar Prem 338
M Masters Natale John 328
M Masters Hewitson Shane 322
M Masters Beverly Todd 304
M Masters LoTempio Charlie 292

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