Female Open
Male Open
Female Masters
Male Masters
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Female Open

gender class lastname firstname Points
F Open Pokhis Kendra 197
F Open Rockwell Hannah 193
F Open Meyer Andrea 186
F Open Betts Rachel 174
F Open Pinney Rachel 100
F Open Wallace Olivia 100
F Open Debord Brittany 99
F Open Wallis Anna 98
F Open Harvey Sarah 97
F Open Klemmer Lindsay 96

Male Open

gender class lastname firstname Points
M Open Newcomer Justin 185
M Open Luongo Will 181
M Open Chard Jake 171
M Open Berube Lee 100
M Open Nesbitt Philip 100
M Open Case Matthew 99
M Open Stash Gabriel 99
M Open Couse Nathan 98
M Open Dyment Theodore 98
M Open Dutcher Josiah 97

Female Masters

gender class lastname firstname Points
F Masters Buck Eileen 194
F Masters Campanella Jen 189
F Masters Santelli Ana 182
F Masters Doerr Patti 180
F Masters Lynch Jennifer 169
F Masters Izzo Kara 167
F Masters Eckerson Deb 162
F Masters Skerrett Jennifer 162
F Masters Jasmin Bambi 156
F Masters Olson Jeri 148

Male Masters

gender class lastname firstname Points
M Masters Adams Jamie 200
M Masters LoTempio Charlie 197
M Masters Dailey Steven 188
M Masters Howell Garth 174
M Masters Wheater Robert 166
M Masters Rynders John 160
M Masters Fischer Bob 156
M Masters Weber Bill 155
M Masters Suffoletto Kyle 154
M Masters Fladd Jonathan 149

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