Trail Runner of The Year Series

Welcome to the #TrailsRoc – Trail Runner of The Year Series! 

We are excited to introduce a partnership with the best local trail races that will crown Rochester’s Trail Runner Of The Year.

Run for the glory and bragging rights with your friends. See you on the trails!

2024 TROY Lineup

April: Muddy Sneaker 20k

May: Medved Madness Long Course 

June: Webster Trail Classic 10Mi

July: Run Our Trails 5 miler

August: Swain Mountain Race 6.5 miles

September: Ontario Summit Trail Race 13 miles

October: Many Lite 20 miles 

How the scoring works

 For each race, points will be awarded so that the first place finisher gets 100 points, second place gets 99 points, third 98 points, etc.  We will take your top 4 scores for the year to calculate your total points–if you race more than 4 of these races, the lower scores will be dropped from your total.


Female Open
Male Open
Female Masters
Male Masters
Female Grandmasters
Male Grandmasters
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Female Open

lastname firstname Points
Griffiths Erica 183
Colton Patricia 182
Lapham Olivia 100
Leo Miranda 100
Pinney Rachel 100
Fenton Katie 99
Moran Mary 99
Mueller-Funke Deena 99
Fuller Francesca 98
Kotok Sophie 98

Male Open

lastname firstname Points
Newcomer Justin 267
Kramer Josh 188
Mulvehill Benjamin 100
Pinney Jonathan 100
Suflita Paul 100
Grossman Harold 99
Mattiucci Andrew 99
Stash Gabriel 99
Armbruster Omar 98
Gala John 98

Female Masters

lastname firstname Points
Campanella Jen 199
Disalvo Jennifer 188
Wingerden Danielle 185
Czubinski Colleen 183
Coleman Shea 182
Lynch Jennifer 172
Olson Jeri 164
Skerrett Jennifer 153
Camillaci Lisa 100
Matthews Elizabeth 100

Male Masters

lastname firstname Points
Adams Jamie 300
Vidmar Jason 276
Rossi Josh 272
Miller Justin 249
LoTempio Charlie 191
Shand Daniel 185
Fladd Jonathan 183
Deiure John 173
Rynders John 168
Weber Bill 168

Female Grandmasters

lastname firstname Points
Davis-McHugh Marcy 196
Pirnie Patricia 100
Varble Julia 100
Mitchell Krista 99
Christo Therese 98
Reardon Kathleen 98
Eckerson Deb 96
Trabucco Cathie 95
Vermeulen Valerie 94
Iaculli Jane 93

Male Grandmasters

lastname firstname Points
Eckerson David 196
Baker Robert 190
Viterise Michael 184
Alston Wilton 177
Crowe Bill 100
Turner Russ 100
Hodges James 99
Laue Robert 99
Bennett Rick 98
Kuppinger Edward 97

Shout-Out a Runner!

Do you know someone tackling a big race or who just reached a goal? We want to know about it so we can highlight local runners and all of their achievements!