Trail Runner of The Year Series

Welcome to the #TrailsRoc – Trail Runner of The Year Series! 

We are excited to introduce a partnership with the best local trail races that will crown Rochester’s Trail Runner Of The Year.

Run for the glory and bragging rights with your friends. See you on the trails!

2023 TROY Lineup

April: Muddy Sneaker 20k

May: Medved Madness Long Course 

June: Frost Town Trail Fest 25k

July: 0 SPF 1/2 marathon

August: Swain Mountain Race 6.5 miles

September: Webster Trail Classic 10 miles


How the scoring works

 For each race, points will be awarded so that the first place finisher gets 100 points, second place gets 99 points, third 98 points, etc.  We will take your top 4 scores for the year to calculate your total points–if you race more than 4 of these races, the lower scores will be dropped from your total.


Other Open
Female Open
Male Open
Female Masters
Male Masters
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Other Open

lastname firstname Points
Wojick Reed 100

Female Open

lastname firstname Points
Pokhis Kendra 391
Rockwell Hannah 290
Wallace Olivia 196
Meyer Andrea 186
Pittman Ashley 176
Betts Rachel 174
Cooley Katie 100
Einstein Dalia 100
Pinney Rachel 100
Piraino Lindsay 100

Male Open

lastname firstname Points
Chard Jake 356
Dutcher Josiah 296
Dodell-Feder David 280
Newcomer Justin 279
Carpenter-New Xeno 278
Harvey William 192
Armbruster Omar 191
Luongo Will 181
Didas Ryan 171
Warren Michael 171

Female Masters

lastname firstname Points
Lynch Jennifer 359
Campanella Jen 286
Santelli Ana 280
Pavone Gayle 277
Vermeulen Valerie 270
Post Christy 248
Izzo Kara 245
Fredericks Katie 230
Doody Martha 229
Burke Diana 200

Male Masters

lastname firstname Points
Howell Garth 372
Wheater Robert 357
Fladd Jonathan 337
Dailey Steven 286
Housel Ed 276
Frankel Joshua 275
Ekholm Eric 272
Hobbs Jamie 262
Bennett Rick 258
Suffoletto Kyle 249

Shout-Out a Runner!

Do you know someone tackling a big race or who just reached a goal? We want to know about it so we can highlight local runners and all of their achievements!